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KR Peaceful Rest Graveyard Tileset for RPGs

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Maybe this is where the story starts. Maybe this is where it ends. Either way, you'll find everything you need to make a diverse and interesting cemetery for your mourners. (Or, alternatively, your zombie apocalypse.)

This graveyard tileset features:

Ground tiles:

  • water, grass, dirt
  • rock path
  • tile path
  • rock and flower path
  • rosebush
  • several green ground covers
  • dirt path
  • 4 fences
  • thorns
  • and more!

Wall tiles:

  • stone
  • dirt
  • decorative edge
  • concrete
  • hedges
  • thorn wall

Also includes:

  • LOTS of headstones
  • tiles for modern funerals (flower arrangements, canopy, etc)
  • gates
  • lots of lighting
  • color-coordinated foliage
  • D has RUINED VERSIONS of everything on B!
  • freshly dug graves
  • skeletons
  • and more!

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

The Peaceful Rest Graveyard tileset includes 48×48 and 32×32 versions of all tiles.  You will receive tilesets formatted for RPG Maker, plus other sheets suitable for use in any engine that can use variable width tilesets. 

See our list of engines we’ve tested here, plus information on compatibility. 

See our FAQ for more info.

Commercial use rights included.

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
Tagscemetery, funeral, graves, graveyard, Halloween, headstones, RPG Maker, tiles, Tileset, tombs


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I've bought quite a few of your tilesets and I absolutely love them this one and the High Seas tilesets are next on my list. I have a scene coming up in my game that needs a graveyard

Thanks so much, glad they'll be helpful to you!

Love your tilesets they have helped me greatly with my project. I was wondering though do you have an asset pack with more tombstones in it? I need some from different time periods.

Thanks!  I don't think we have anything else that can help right now, this is the biggest collection we have at the moment.

I've bought a few of your tilesets to use for my upcoming project. Love them. Do you have any with tent(s), campfire type joints?

Thank you!  Grand Taiga has a camping setup that might help. https://kokororeflections.itch.io/kr-grand-taiga-tileset-for-rpgs

Got ya! Thank you.

This looks really awesome, and I have to wonder if you ever plan to make a Mausoleum tileset to go with it.


Added it to the request list.  :)  

Thank you! <3

I was making a graveyard and I went... "Where's my peaceful rest graveyard" I never bought it :O. Time to rectify that.

I don't see any Gravestone, I figured they are part of it I might get this got my game, if I add a graveyard.

got an area where this would totally fit. great work!!

bought the mermaid pack a few months ago. 

one asset type i'm not able to find anywhere is a "none-wooden ship." Every one does only wooden ships.

would love it if you could add it to your list!!

( i know your website does say "no comissions")

something that could fit in to an arcane steampunk or  sciencific setting. (both normal / shipwreak variants)

Thanks!  Do you happen to have a reference image for what you're looking for?   We have some similar tilesets coming up and it might fit in with those.

i know which year of vessel it would equate to. in my head which is 1967 which is around about when the QE2 was launched. [https://www.qe2.org.uk/].

i'm happy with anything in the iron / steel age of ships though

Thanks!  I'll add this info into our list.  :)  

(1 edit)

Buying this.  You guys are awesome.


Thank you so much!  


I plan on buying almost every single one of your tile sets simply because they're amazing

Do you at any point intend on making like a carnival set? like with a funhouse, circus tent, and the like? Would pay you the toppest of dollars for that


Thanks so much!  Yes, it's absolutely possible, I'll add it to our request list.  :)


Is there a place where we can publicly see the request list? I'd love to see what's on the horizon!


Right now we don't, I've wondered about adding a public to-do list and a place to post requests, though.  Maybe even a way to upvote certain tilesets to increase their priority.  I'd have to look into a way to do that.  :)