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KR RPG Lighting Kit with Special Effects

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Light things up with this RPG lighting kit for RPG Maker, Unity, Godot, Tiled and more.  You’ll get shadows, lights, sparkles, rainbows and more in multiple colors!

This RPG Lighting Kit Includes:

Nine colors of lights that include:

  • large single sparkles
  • edge shadows (solid)
  • edge shadows (faded)
  • center shadows
  • center stripes
  • faded dots of various sizes
  • window lighting (angled from sides)
  • window lighting (front)
  • bubbles
  • upward lighting
  • spotlight (center, left and right angled)
  • spotlight base (use to highlight important things!)
  • path of sparkles
  • mini directional lights
  • heavy sparkle (for big lights, etc)
  • doorway light/shadow

Also includes:

  • jagged “aurora” pattern with cool rainbow colors, white, purple, green, yellow, black, orange, red, pink and blue
  • smooth, curved aurora pattern with the same colors
  • fog overlays (looping) in same colors
  • sheet of various rainbow effects like edges, bubbles, fog, sparkles, and a large rainbow big enough to arc over large sections of map!

NOTE: these will work great as plain tiles, but for best effect, use with overlays and layer modes that allow for “additive” or “glow”!

The RPG Lighting Kit includes 48×48 and 32×32 versions of all tiles.  14 files total!

See our list of engines we’ve tested here, plus information on compatibility. 

See our FAQ for more info.

Commercial use rights included.

Shown with:

mine tileset crystal tileset castle tileset casino tileset

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
GenreRole Playing
Tagsaurora, fog, lighting, lights, overlay, rainbow, RPG Maker, Shadows, sparkle


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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I just bought this, but I don't understand how to use it. Are these tiles, or...? 


You can use them as tiles layered over your existing map, or you can make them into overlay images to use with a lighting system.  :)

Thanks for the reply.


How do you recommend using the fog overlays?


I want a glowing indicator, indicating entrances and exits.

Basically, I want a translucent flashing (but not too bright) circle.

Does this pack contain anything like this that I can use?

Thank you.

These aren't animated, so out of the box, I don't know if they would help too much with that.  They're not currently formatted for events.  

A great resource for those who dont know much about lighting!

Super cool!