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KR Burial Grounds ~ Crypt, Catacomb and Mausoleum Tileset for RPGs

Available for multiple game engines!

The highly-requested companion tileset to Peaceful Rest Graveyard (not required) is here!  Burial Grounds ~ Crypt, Catacomb and Mausoleum Tileset adds a whole new dimension to your graveyard adventures.  Create a peaceful modern mausoleum to pay your respects or venture into a haunting catacomb to do battle with skeletal enemies.  For RPG Maker and more.

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The Burial Grounds tileset includes:

Ground tiles:

  • Water tiles and waterfalls
  • Grass, dirt and concrete
  • 2 fancy tile patterns
  • 2 plain, earthy tile patterns
  • 1 cobble pattern
  • Grungy versions of the tile and cobble floors
  • Brick edge
  • Grunge edges and textures
  • Fence
  • Flower autotile
  • 2 tables
  • Grass and weeds
  • Grave pit autotile
  • and more!


  • Walls to match flooring
  • Several tones and colors of plain walls (for modern setting)
  • Block pattern for mausoleum wall
  • Skull pattern for catacomb wall
  • Grunge versions of many walls

Also included:

  • Staircases
  • Dark edging to create more rounded rooms
  • Cracks, stains and other damage tiles
  • Two styles of pillars, arches and other design elements (with dirty version)
  • Two styles of crypt/mausoleum entries
  • Platforms
  • Decorative flowers (fresh-cut and wilted versions)
  • Stone casket with several versions
  • Decorative wall medallions and signs
  • Ornamental fence with brick pillars
  • Cremation urns
  • Wall insets and skeletons that fit them (will work with other objects too)
  • Variety of bones to scatter randomly
  • Candles
  • Glowing orb on pedestal (glowing and broken version)
  • Ropes, barrels and other random objects
  • Table with chairs
  • Trees
  • Roof and window tiles (modern, with ruined version)
  • and more!

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

Events and Animations (RPG Maker format, may work with your engine)

  • Flames in various sizes
  • Modern doors

The Burial Grounds Tileset:

Comes in 48 and 32px

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Has High Compatibility

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It also includes an RPG Maker ready format! (MV/MZ/VX/Ace)

Has Commercial Use Rights

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
Tagscatacomb, crypt, grave, mausoleum, ossuary, RPG Maker, tiles, Tileset, tomb


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This set has no bitmask included. (edit)

How come most of the tilesets here aren't on Steam?

We'd been posting tilesets on here quite a while before a publisher approached us to publish on Steam.  Because of that, it's taking a while to get everything uploaded there.  It's ultimately up to them what gets published and when.

Well I will keel hoping as I can't afford two libraries and I have already invested in the Steam ones!

I don't personally need this tileset idea but I think a cyper space tileset like in digimon cyber sleuth would be an interesting addition to the line up. Love your assets, always great work ^^

Thanks so much, will make sure this idea is on the list!

This is a great tileset, perfect for a French catacomb-themed dungeon I have planned for later!

One question I had since I noticed it. Did you have an autumn forest tileset on your page at some point? I could've sworn you did but maybe I'm going crazy. Asking since I planned on buying it next month but I can't seem to find it on your page. If you never had one and I'm wrong, please add it to the list, thank you!

We had a screenshot for an autumn forest in the Foliage kit, but we don't have a proper full seasonal set just yet.  It's on the high priority list, though.