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Hello Kokoro Reflections.

I want to first say that I really enjoy your work, both animations and tilesets. I've been a long time fan and have purchased a number of your products and am always excited to see a new release. You really have the skills and talent for this industry and I look forward to your future developments. 

I was wondering if you have or considered a shopping mall tileset? One with escalators, shops, multiple floors, something similar to the two floors of the Prison Tileset? It's something I'd be interested in for sure and possibly many others for more modern and city game making.

Thanks so much, we appreciate the feedback!  Yes, a shopping mall is definitely on the list of things we want to make.  No ETA for it right now but I imagine it will be in the near future considering the demand for modern tilesets.

I bought the recent Humble Bundle that featured a "Urban City" asset pack.. It was so sloppy pieced together that I ended up just refunding the bundle. I just bought your set and, holy moly, this is super organized and looks great.

Already thinking about buying more sets, how compatible is this with sets like Gothic Prison or the Wandering Souls Asylum?

So glad this tileset worked for you!

Tested the prison and asylum against this set and they work together pretty well I think, both have bright versions of their color palettes that are fairly close to the contrast and saturation of this set.  Hope this helps!

Does this set have the inside tiles as well?

No, those are available here.

Thanks I'll be grabbing both sets. Do you do any custom work?

I'm sorry, we can't take any commissions right now.


Hey, I'm just wondering. These tiles are extremely good, and I'll be buying them soon, but I'm just wondering.

Do the modern tilesets come with urban city modern looking overworld tiles? I want the player in my game to be able to travel between different parts of the city with a zoomed out perspective (think like Shin Megami Tensei). If not, will you be making an urban overworld tileset? 

Image below might serve as a good example of what I mean. 


We don't currently have anything like this but will add it to the request list!

Your tiles is amazing,and i purchased Urban Modern,may i ask you a question?

  1. Can i use your creation for my rpg game?
  2. Is it possible to produce materials for modern cities?

 thx,i really like it!!

Hi, KR:

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Is this the same as the one on steam called RPG Maker MZ - KR Urban Modern Tileset? If so, I would like to purchase it on Steam, as it makes the DLC easier to manage.

2) Is the steam version the most up-to-date one?

3) Does the steam version include sample maps as well?

Thank you. :)

Hi there!  Sorry for the delay, had a computer crash and I'm just getting back online.  :)

Yes, this is basically the same as the one on Steam, although that one does not come with sample maps.  Both versions are essentially the same otherwise.

Just bought them! They're awesome!

Quick q, I'm using RMMZ and I noticed that the your sample maps are a bit blurry and pixelated compared to RTP assets.  

Is this because they use different resolutions?

P.S I'll try to use the tilesets in my pre-existing maps to test this out as well. Thanks.

Just double-checked my source files and at the moment I can't spot any issues with the tiles themselves, even in RMMZ.  The assets are definitely softer than RTP but should not appear blurry or pixelated unless the maps are zoomed in (ie, fullscreen mode).  Is that a factor?  Not sure what else it could be right now.

Thank you for your response.

You're right, I think "softer" and lower in saturation might be the more accurate descriptions.  For example, the V1 maps are more saturated and closer to RTP in style.

At first, I just wanted to use a few tiles from you and use the rest in RTP.  However, I found out that the artistic direction is a bit different for the two of them.

Also, I just switched to taller walking sprites, and I think they look much much better on your maps compared to RTP assets (the doors are too short, and etc).

I just bought like 10 packs from you guys.  Keep up the great work! :)

Another quick q:

Is there any way I can create the vibe of a busy downtown business/shopping district with your assets? I want modern and tall buildings.

Could you please point me to the right directions?

Thanks again.

Wow amazing

Thanks!  :)

hey guys, I purchased yesterday the bundle, great assets! but I really need an image example (zoom 100%), it's really hard to determine some of them (like some walls) because the examples on this page are tiny. Do you have one I can use? (I haven't checked the rest of the bundle but if you can provide one for each that would be great). Thanks!


Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply, I'm running way behind right now.  I'm emailing you some 100% images for this set.  :)  

Hi Does it work for Unity?

Part of our tilesets do, and part of them do not yet have official support (I'm getting them all up to date.)  Urban Modern comes with a tileset that will work with many engines.  I was able to import them to Unity and draw with them.  You also asked about Sewer Central; it only has RPG Maker support right now.  I have heard Unity has converters for RPG Maker tilesets as well, but have not tested those so can't vouch for them.  More info here.

Thanks for the info and sorry to ask about it in two places. Could you tell me which are the packs that have support for unity?

No trouble at all.  :)  Let's see...Tuscan Seaside, Elemental Dungeon (fire, water, earth, wind only), Urban Modern, Deep Ocean, technically Trees and Foliage should work out of the box, I'm about to update the Train with a compliant version too, although I'm curious how the train events might work.  Then everything that was posted after Sewer Central should also work I think, so Motherlode, Mermaid, Phoenix, Egypt, Aztec, Griffin and Alien Worlds should also be ok to go.  If you check the bottom of each listing, there's usually a blurb that mentions whether or not you get just the RM tiles or also ones for other engines.  Adding in support for other engines is a relatively new thing for us so it's taking a bit of time to get everything up to date.  We will eventually release versions for all our products, so if you see something you would like to buy now, go ahead because you'll get the update for free when it's released.  :)

This looks very good, but I'd like to know if you can tell me if this would fit nice together with Crime city tiles by Sherman3d?


Hmm, at a glance I think it's certainly possible!  I don't have access to those so I can't experiment, but possibly with a little adjustment here and there they would blend well.

What should I do if I purchased the original on your website and can't claim V2? Will I have to repurchase it to get V2...?

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You can get the upgrade for free.  :)  Send us an email here and we'll email you a itch key or send you a new download link, whatever you prefer.

Thank you for your fast response! As an indie studio, we are very grateful for your tilesets and after hearing of this update to the most used tileset, we're considering restarting our biggest project from scratch. Should we ask for the download key of every other tileset we've purchased so that another issue like this doesn't arise again?

Sure, that's no problem.  :)  

The new vehicles are a huge improvement over the old ones. You guys are fantastic!


Thanks so much, glad you like them!

Hi! I am planning to create a tour using Gather Town, a videoconference tool. I need both backgrounds and then objects (32x32 images) to make them interactive. What application would you recommend to put the tiles together and design the map?

Good question!  I'm not familiar with their specifications.  Just glancing at their documentation, it looks as if they might have support for Tiled?   Or perhaps using it to build their tilesets, at least?  That's my best guess right now.  

Great! And thanks for the work you are doing,  everything looks amazing! I will be purchasing one of the sets now. 

Thank you!  Hope you enjoy it!

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Where'd you get the water tiles? They don't seem to be included with the pack...

Those I think are just RTP.  Our early tilesets didn't have A1 animations, and we're going back and adding them in as we can, with new images.

RTP? Is there a way I can get the water tiles?

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The ones in the image come with RPG Maker. :)  If you need some water tiles though, I can get you some, just email me at (removed)

It's alright now. I modified the tiles to fit the modern grass. 

do you happen to have anything with a 'subway' or modern rail system in it?

Not yet.  I'll add that to the to-do list.