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I have a request of this set (and the others that are more doodads than tiles).  Is there any chance you can include a folder with the images as separate files?  It would help immensely when using doodad editors, but if not, no worries. 

I haven't been able to find a good workflow for splitting them into individual files.  :(  If you know of any good apps for that purpose, I'd be happy to try them out.

A bit late to the party but Pyxel Edit provides an easy way to export an entire tileset to individual images (based on image size.)

Archeia at RPGMakerWeb put together a quick guide and video for those interested.

Couldn't've updated this at a better time, since I plan on pairing this pack with Everyday Town for the first major area of my project. Thanks again for the steady stream of tilesets, they're all extremely useful and pleasing to look at!

Actually, one recommendation while I'm here. You've been doing amazing work with the recent Ruins Kit and Modern Suites, which are designed around versatility and compatibility-- both incredibly useful. So a farming pack in that same vein would be amazing, a bunch of tiles for stages of growth and a plethora of different crop types. Either way, thank you for the hard work!

Thanks so much, glad this is useful to you!

For the farm set, have you looked at this?  If that isn't quite right, what would you need to make something like that work for you?

I do plan on picking up Seasons of Harvest at some point, won't get to that area of the game soon though. My suggestion was more something that I think would compliment that set greatly-- a dedicated tileset just containing a variety of crop types (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.). It'd be similar in design to this set in the sense that it isn't an area itself but rather an enhancer, a bunch of tiles meant to be used with something like Seasons of Harvest. 

For my purposes, I have a hub area where I plan to have a variety of plants that can be grown by the player, but I'm sure this type of set would be useful for anyone planning a farming sim type of game, or just used as flavour for their towns and villages!

OK, thanks for the clarification!  Will add this to requests.  :)

I second this request!

I was so pleased to see these! I love your trees (I love ALL your tiles and am slowly amassing a good collection of them. They really make a difference). I was super thrilled to see you made this update free to those who already had v1, which I do. HUGELY generous of you as you have added so much!

I get so excited to create with your tile sets, you put so much care and detail into them. They are seriously beautiful. A heartfelt THANK YOU from Australia. :)

Thanks so much!  So glad these will help you out.  :)


That you just give V2 out for free to V1 customers is such a great move. I'm very happy to keep supporting great asset providers such as KR!

Thanks so much!

Love all the new trees, and thank you for making V2 free for those that bought V1! That is very kind and appreciated!


Thank you, glad to hear you like it! 

I was trying to check the compatibilities but it looks like your page is under construction. Is there another place that someone could view the compatibility list?

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Yeah, it should be back in a couple of days.  :)  I  don't have the list anywhere else at the moment.  Which engine are you using?

I've been using RPG Maker MV for a while but I've hit a wall so I'm thinking about using a Unity Template while I learn C# in my spare time. I love this art style and I haven't even used Unity yet so I'm not sure how a template would affect the ability to implement a tileset like this.

The tilesets definitely load in Unity.  I don't really know Unity, but I was able to get tiles up and running fairly quickly after a little research, and I could draw a simple map with them in a short timeframe.  As for templates, I can't say for 100% certain that I know, but since I used default functions to import the tiles, I'm thinking it's probably fine. 

This tileset importer was also recommended to me.  So you definitely have some options.

Thank you! I'll look into it!

as for unity - we'll (hopefully soon) see a rpg-maker version for it

.oO( with the tile sizes )

that should make it a lot easier i'd say

Thanks for reminding me about this.  I'd been meaning to check up on it but there wasn't much to know last time I looked into it.  

I'm hoping that "PiXel ScaLer" works well for our current assets, but upscaling is always iffy. 

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Awesome tiles, as always! ✦.✦
I'm thinking of buying this pack, but before I do, I want to ask you a question:
Does this pack have snow covered trees? If it doesn't, do you have another pack that contains snow covered trees?


Thanks so much!

Go with Snow Country for snow-covered trees, it has a variety of trees with and without leaves.  This pack doesn't have any snow.

Nice! Thanks a bunch! ✦.✦
Keep up the good work!

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It will work with VX/Ace, MV and MZ.  Won't work with most earlier versions unless you want to edit the tiles.  Can't confirm other versions.  The tiles are formatted at 32px and 48px.

Can i use this for commercial games once purchased?

Yes, that's fine.

The trees in the screenshots look enlarge but when I use them in MZ they're a tad small. Is it me, or are is the screenshot zoomed in?

Which zip did you download?  If they appear different, it could be because it's the 32x32 version, not the 48x48 version in the other zip.  We usually build our screenshots directly in the editor so no scaling gets involved.  Maybe try the other version and see if it helps?

I downloaded both versions just so I got them. Just for good measure, I deleted the ones from the game tileset folder and copied them over. It's still the same. Also, I notice the top left tree has a transparent tile:

These were really designed as a collection of resources you can pick and choose to add to your own tileset, but it's a pretty simple fix, so we've uploaded a copy that can be implemented directly into the editor.  I also updated it to a single zip file using our current naming schemes so it will look a little different than what you had before but should have the same content.  Hope that helps!

Brilliant! I'm happy with the results now. Big thanks for helping me out so quickly and providing these amazing tilesets.

Glad it's all working for you now! :)

I'll grab these too :) Beautiful looking tileset!

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Your tilesets are my absolute favorite available on itch. I love the sense of realism in your designs. I'd love to buy your entire collection but it's a little out of my budget. Do you have any plans to make discounted bundles in the future? Other than the dungeons set I mean.

Thanks so much!  We definitely do plan to offer discounted bundles, in fact I'm working on that for Halloween right now.  We have a newsletter where we periodically offer freebies and sales, if you want to sign up for that you can do that here:  Scroll partway down the page to the blue box.  I haven't finalized how we're going to handle Black Friday here but I'm pretty sure we will have something good here on itch as well.

Awesome! I signed up on your page. Can't wait to see what you guys have coming in the future =)

Looks amazing, I especially love the floor tiles. You can never have enough trees! I might buy it at some point in the future. ;)