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Did you create the brightness of the green bottle and doorway in the 8th picture using only tiles? Or did you give a separate transparency value?

Hi!  The glow is added separately, not with tiles, using an overlay.  Hope this helps!

Thank you 😊

As always, great quality content ! 😇

Thank you!

Phenomenal!! Can't wait to see what else is coming down the line.

Thank you!

lol how those lab interiors got me. Adding this to my list! ♥

Yay, thanks!  :D

This is incredible! I've always thought steampunk looked real cool I can imagine this working well for an airship interior as well. I especially love the "capsule room"

Awesome, thanks! I'd like to make a full airship to go with this at some point.

This is awesome! I hope exteriors is on it's way!


You bet!  We actually wanted to release them closer together but it didn't work out as well as I hoped.  :(  We have quite a bit done though.  

Great! I'm pumped.  So much attention to the interior and exterior I love it.