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I really need the ruins experts do MODERN ruins... they got them on the map in the game and I'm thinking... I don't have any modern ruins or a busted skyscraper.  I want to use these locations I have so badly but If I can't get and modern ruins, ruins that are now slums, and blown apart skyscrapers,  I don't know how I'll complete my game.

This one has been requested a lot and we definitely plan to make it soon!

I was wondering if you could do ruins of something like spirit of Asia  or make a Spirit of Asia 2 where there are ruins for those buildings inside and out because on the game map they allow the location to be ruins of an Asian town, Asian castle, etc.  Thanks for possibly considering this.

I'm still buying this tileset btw

Sounds like a great idea, I'll add that to the requests.  :)

wow it looks amazing!

Thank you!

Thank you for making this! I needed this for my game!

Thank you! I've needed this for so long!


Happy to hear it will help you! :)  This one has been requested quite a bit and I'm glad we were able to get it finished.

w00t I'm Greek.  Tis a must have.

Hope it meets your expectations!  :)