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Have you tried or heard any results from users of Intersect Engine?

No one has asked about this engine yet.  I downloaded Intersect to try to confirm compatibility but for some reason I can't get it up and running, so I have to go with educated guesses on this one.

I think it will work, though.  Intersect supports 32px tiles, right?  And it looks like it doesn't have strict requirements on the size of the images that contain tiles, based on the tilesets included with the engine.

It also looks like it uses the same type of autotiles that RPG Maker uses?  That would be great as we have that format already.

If you want to try it out, a refund is always an option if it doesn't work out. :)

I look forward to purchasing this and many of your other sets then as at least I'll have a uniform look by style. I did find that you had a compatability set so I'll start there first.

And yea, they use one of the tile variants similar to rpgmaker, but not sure what version. If you like when I test I can give you some definitive results.

That would be awesome, thanks so much.

hello. have you charset to work with ?

No, I'm sorry, we don't make them.  :(

Just what I needed for my Survival Horror game i'm making, thank you very much.

Glad it will work for you!  :)

This is like your Alienated Set.. in green! :D

Love it!!

Thanks!  :D

Just what I needed! Thank you very much!


Awesome, glad it will help!

I'm doing a game about secret human experiments and now that I started searching a good tileset you sell this. 


Sounds like it will be a perfect fit!  Thank you!

This looks awesome.

Thanks!  :D