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KR Luminous Abyss Tileset for RPGs

Adventure even deeper in the deep blue!  This tileset for RPG Maker and more helps out making trenches, ocean floors and more seascapes where the sun just can’t reach.

Check Our Terms of Use for This. NO NFTS!  Games only.  No exceptions!

The Luminous Abyss Tileset Includes:

Ground tiles:

  • Dark water
  • Neon water
  • Rainbow grass
  • Lava
  • Waterfalls
  • Many textures and shades of dark rock
  • Neon rocky ground
  • and more!


Dark rock walls with several textures, neon walls to match floors.

Also includes:

  • Stairs to match floors
  • Neon plants (3 color palettes) with flipped versions
  • Creature skeletons (several shades for visibility, also includes no-shadow versions). 
  • Rock walls with inward slope
  • Various shadow tiles to make deep pits
  • Doorways
  • Small volcanoes/vents (with smoke animation)
  • Lots of rocks for variety (with flipped versions and no-shadow versions)
  • and more!

Events and Animations (RPG Maker format, may work with your engine)

  • Smoke animations

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our sample maps if you need a little inspiration!

The Luminous Abyss Tileset:

Comes in 48 and 32px

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Has High Compatibility

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It also includes an RPG Maker ready format! (MV/MZ/VX/Ace)

Has Commercial Use Rights

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
GenreRole Playing
Tagsabyss, Dark, deep, ocean, RPG Maker, sea, tiles, Tileset, trench


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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I love this!


Nice, having a deeper ocean tileset will help me set the lower ocean levels apart from the shallows beyond just light levels! Will pick this up sometime. 

You've probably gotten requests for this already, but consider this an extra request for a sci-fi space ship exterior tileset since it's something I'll end up needing, not to mention it's probably a must-have for anyone creating a sci-fi setting.

One more request I'm not sure if you've gotten is a floral/herbal entry into your Fantasy Market series. Specifically focused on designing flower and herb types (as opposed to farm crops), which can double as item sprites similar to your Fantasy Market - Weapons. This tileset when combined with your Grocery entry would be perfect for those of us with an alchemy system. Or just a fun flower shop. 

Thanks again for making these, you're helping keep dreams alive!


Yeah, you're right, we really need to address more sci-fi settings.  I actually want to make a magical market as well and had thought of adding more herbs and plants to that for use in magical/potion/alchemy purposes.  Will keep that in mind!

Not gonna lie I really do like how the way this one turned out it's actually pretty Cool 😊 Though another cool idea to mind could be like an old fashioned sea liner or like an old fashioned shipwreck would be interesting to see 🙂

Come to think of it, I'm not sure those are on the request list, I need to check.  Thanks!

hey you're welcome my friend and btw I'm liking the tileset and really vibing with the rainbow you did for the corals ☺️

Is the whale skeleton part of this pack, or a different one?

It's in this one, it's new. :)


I would like to suggest a "solar base" if that's possible.

Sure!  Just a solar version of the lunar base, or something a little different?


Yeah, like a solar version of the lunar base would be on point. 

Thanks! Adding to requests.  :)