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Amazing work as always! It might be a good idea to change the name of the pack though, since it more respectful of native customs to not say or write the name of this creature. 

when a new assets like this , aracnid and "original horror kit " ?

We have a couple of requests for similar tilesets but we don't have an exact time when they'll be completed.



bloody hell, that is one scary tileset! Great job!

Thank you! :D


Why don't do Character sets? 


Right now we have a really big request list for tilesets, and I don't think we could even squeeze in character sets right now.  :( Sorry.

The blood textures alone are worth the purchase. Great job as always!

Thanks so much!

Wow, you surprised me with this one.  This is really good, and a bit more mature than your other sets.  I also thought the legendary palaces were done, I am glad entries are still being made.  I will be picking up several of your tile sets soon!  (Have to stay in my budget or my wife will get mad lol!)

We still have plenty of ideas for Legendary Palaces and they'll keep coming as we can get to them.  :D

Glad you like this set, I was a little unsure how it would be received but hopefully people will find it useful nonetheless!