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KR Idyllic Village Tileset for RPGs

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Now available for multiple game engines!

A sleepy little village nestled deep in the countryside!  From cottages to elaborate chateaus, this tileset is built flexible to make quaint buildings of many shapes and sizes.

With angled walls, modular roof pieces and beams in various configurations, you can make houses with tons of different shapes.   We've even added in a "backwards" tile you can use for the shadowed side of the roof.  If you aren't into using events or scripts for stairs, you can get away without it on our angled staircases...just set the passability as shown in the included guide.

The Idyllic Village Tileset includes:

Ground tiles:

  • Water
  • grass, dirt, ground covers
  • wood, tile, stone and concrete flooring +  rugs

Wall tiles:

  • White painted wall
  • stone wall
  • white wood-bordered wall
  • hedges with and without flowers
  • forward and shadow side roof tiles

Also featuring:

  • lots of architectural pieces including roofs, porches, stairs, adjustable balcony and angled walls
  • plenty of trees and flowers to decorate with
  • stone stairs and bridges
  • rustic furniture for interiors
  • and more!

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

The Idyllic Village Tileset includes 48x48 and 32x32 versions of all tiles.  You will receive tilesets formatted for RPG Maker, plus other sheets suitable for use in any engine that can use variable width tilesets. 

See our list of engines we've tested here, plus information on compatibility. 

See our FAQ for more info.

Commercial use rights included.    

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
Tagseuropean, Fantasy, houses, RPG Maker, tiles, Tileset, town, tudor, village


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Just bought this and very happy with it!

also wanted to let you guys know that on the A4 tile, one of the walls are shifted out of place. it's 1 pixel lower than the rest of the walls on that sheet, so it bleeds into the grid beneath it. Looks like it affects both the MZ and VX versions. Very minor, but wanted to let you know.

Thank you for the resources!


Uh oh, thanks for letting me know.  I'll look into it and get an update posted soon.

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I uh tried replying to the old post but it got yeeted I guess.

Trying out your tiles in Sprytile now in blender, and I'm loving my tests so far! There's no dedicated light testing yet, but lordy am I liking it so far.  I love that your tilesets can be used in any engine, bc it's so much better for my budget to use Unity, and also allows me more creative freedom with the coding.

P.S. please make a boat tileset at some point.


Wasn't familiar with Sprytile so I checked into it...that's really cool.  These tests look so interesting, every time I see these 3d versions of the tiles I want to try it out too, haha. 

What kind of boat are you looking for? 

A simple wooden boat that isn't from any modern era. The ones I've seen with rpg maker are good but sadly specific to RPG Maker. 

It's also occurring to me having a boat in this small compact size and shape is definitely not suited to the era I'm going for lmfao, so I might have to insert some of your wizard rune stuff and try out water effects with unity's particle system to make it make more sense via magic for the boat I'm working on. 

By the way, does your itchio page have a forum or anything? I know some itchio creators have one on their profile somehow, and I think it'd be a good thing to have since it'd be better for me to use that instead of me putting every single 3d dungeon test under the product itself, but I can't find one on your itchio. 

If you wanna look into other 3d tileset tools, this page lists a few and offers its own tool specifically for Unity. https://forum.unity.com/threads/free-3d-tilemap-system-for-3d-pixel-art-games.71...

It lists Sprytile and Crocotile3d, the latter I haven't tried yet. 


Not sure how large you need it to be, we do technically have one but it sounds like it might be too big for your needs: https://kokororeflections.com/free-rpg-maker-ocean-tiles/ Maybe it could be chopped down to make a smaller one.

We've had requests for more of this type so it's likely we'll make some in several sizes.  Not sure about the timeframe on that.

About the forum: there is an option, but it seems to be per product rather than across the whole account.  I'm not sure if there would be an advantage to it that way.  

Thanks for the link!

Thanks for the link! I'll see what I can do with the parallax, maybe I can get something to work, since as long as the camera doesn't turn, it can theoretically work.

Using the floor tiles from the ship, I made the base floor, and then I copied the tile and edited its color and made that the ship exterior. Then I believe I took the window and railing from the village tilest. I don't see a way to make the sails work, but I think I can add magic sigils in the back to imply the ship is exerting a water current to propel it forward.

If I ever finish/get far in this game, I look forward to adding a 3d ocean around the ship and seeing how it looks, along with it having rain too. 

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Deleted my original post, since I decided I can probably go a tad further and better showcase how your foliage, tuscan(the door), and this pack look in 3d!(mz3d, for those unaware, there's a version for mv and mz)

Really love this cozy tileset!


Love this, thanks for sharing!  :)

How many A4 tile sheets are contained in this set? Thanks.

There's 1 A4 with 2 wall types and two hedges.

a great tileset i look forward to using these in my RPG maker MV games i would like to see some tiles for hills and mountains to give my village a little but more character 

Thanks!  This is on our to-do list.  :)

these are very good. I wonder if there are character tiles.

Thank you!  This particular tileset doesn't include any character sprites or events.

I looked at all your tilesets but didn't see any character tileset content. Is there a character tileset of yours?

(1 edit)

No, we don't generally make characters, only event sprites...even those, we don't make very many because animation isn't really a strong skill of ours. :)

Excellent work! Just purchased this. I picked up most of the remaining tilesets I didn't own during Halloween.

Is there anyway you can share what's coming on the horizon? :) (Really hoping for Ancient Greece / temple and Ancient China)


I'm trying to work out a solution for public display and voting of what we'll work on next, but haven't quite got it figured yet.  I'll give you a hint though, one of the ones you mentioned is in progress right now.  :)

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

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Looks lovely. Does that godray style effect in the screenshots come with it?

No, but they're very easy to make.  Do you have a lighting plugin?

I do. :)

Great!  I'll make up a freebie batch and post them here, give me a couple of days.