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It is NOT wise to include tags that are not a part of the pack. This comes up for searches containing "volleyball" and there are zero evidence to volleyball courts or nets in this.

This tileset doesn't include the volleyball tag.  

It must because this was the only result for "volleyball"

No idea why, since I didn't tag it for that and it isn't in the description of the item.  

I was wondering, are there any bits of Japanese school for the tileset?

There are probably some tiles that could be used, but I don't think there are enough to make it look authentic.

Hey Kokoro!

Amazing work as always. You're the first place I come to in search for Tilesets.

Can I ask if you have plans to create a Police department tileset?

Thank you!  How much detail do you need?  Modern Interiors has some tiles that can be used to make a simple police station.

Oh, I see now. I wouldn't have thought it'd have it but it does.

I was thinking something along the lines of a style from 1987 whilst some modern touches to it. The reference I'm thinking of is RoboCop police station for that old feel. 

OK, added to the request list. :)

Quick question. First off, these are wonderful assets. My question is: I can not for the life of me find the white desks/tables you have used in the PC Lab and Chem Lab photos. I might just be missing them, but where are they located? Thanks

Try the ones on the A2, I think that's what I used.  Hope this helps!

Looks great, Just two qeustions.

One is the file Comercial use and what are the Terms about using it?

Second, Is the size file design for RPG maker MV characters or only when you scale the characters?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Commercial use is OK.  :)   Your only restrictions are that you may not repost these tiles on any website, whether edited or not and you may not sell the tiles themselves, whether edited or not.

These files are ready to go for all the RPG Maker series listed above, so no additional work should be necessary for your character sprites.

Alright thank u :)

You're welcome!  Let us know if you have any other questions.  :)

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Sweet! Thank you very much! Will pick this up right away! I am grateful you added some elementary school options.

On another note: Think you'll ever make an ancient China, ancient Greece (temples) or even a dystopian cyberpunk city (like Psycho Pass) tileset?


We definitely wanted to have some type of Asian-inspired set.  Greece is definitely possible too.  I'll look into cyberpunk as well, thanks!


I will buy this on the 3rd of November! Thank you for making this tileset for the 2 of us who were waiting and hoping for this! The set is awesome looking and definitely will work for me! Thank you!!!!


You're very welcome!  Hope you enjoy it!