Fairy Tale Forest v2 now available!

Fairy Tale Forest now has a v2 upgrade!

Notable changes:

  • Colors have been re-balanced and ground/grass textures have either been updated or replaced.
  • Path edges have been reworked to make them more random and natural.  New edge tiles added so you can add grass to house/wall bases, etc, or randomize pathways more.
  • Custom A1 has been added with different water and natural edges.  Plus waterfall now has a faded top animation for a more natural transition.
  • Updated wood floor and added rugs.  Replaced rose bush with wildflower tile.
  • Doors now have animations.
  • Some walls have been replaced/updated with better versions.
  • Added north-south staircases in ground textures.
  • New bedding on B. (The old puff quilt has been updated with a multicolored one with a pixel pattern.)
  • Some mushrooms were heavily edited for perspective and color blending.
  • Mushroom walkway bridges now have adjustable shadows with tapered ends available.  (They'll probably work for other things too, if you like.)
  • New adjustable tree base tiles.
  • Added a simple sunset/sunrise parallax...mainly because I wanted to use it for one of the sample maps.  Someone might find it useful.
  • Sample maps in RPG Maker MV/MZ format, with passability setup.  
  • Tilesets are also available in expanded format for use with non-RPG Maker engines, in 48px and 32px versions.

Note to existing users: like other tilesets, a few elements were shifted around in the update so if you import this to an existing map, a few things may not work as intended.  If anyone has any other problems, missing files, etc just let us know and we'll get on it ASAP.  👍

Get KR Fairy Tale Forest Tileset for RPGs v2!

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I had my download resent, but it wasn't there either.  I have the receipt, though.  

Really strange, could you post the order ID?  I'll look it up and see what I can find.


Aha, that's the problem.  That's an order from another store.  I'll send you an email.  :)

Question: How do I get this if I bought it from the other store? Is that an option?

I sent the link to your email.  :)

got it! Thank you so much!

How do I get the update?

You should be able to access it in your library. 

It was not there.

Hmm, that's odd.  Maybe try having your download links resent here: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought