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Hi, one question, they could be used in games ported to consoles?

Sure, that's no problem.  :)

Your creation is the best among all the materials. I want to buy all your assets, but unfortunately I don't have enough money to realize this idea, which is very uncomfortable.

Sorry it's like that.  :(  Thank you for the compliment though!

I'm so happy that I found this. I was thinking about adding a Dryad village to my game. Great Designs!


Thanks so much!  I'm glad it will help you.  :)

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Hey there,

Looks great. I see it can be used for commercial projects. Can it be used with SRPG Studio?

EDIT: I just saw the compatibility list and saw SRPG as good to go. I am assuming that is SRPG Studio, please let me know if there is any concern with me using this in that engine.

I tested tilesets with the demo version available on Steam, so all tiles should be good to go; if I missed something let me know!  Animations are a little trickier, so not sure about those. You can use them with any game engine you like if you can get them working there.  :)

Bought this a while ago and is such an amazing tile. I love it! The flower roofts are the best thing ever.

Happy new year! you guys work hard and it shows. I hope 2021 have lots of good things for your team! 

Thank you so much!  Happy New Year!




These looks fantastic!