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Does this have some outside elements? I'd like a decent looking factory from the outside for the player to enter.


Yes, it will work for that as well.

I really really wanted a factory.  Now I can get one.

Oh wow, I've been needing some factory tiles for a loooong time now! This is amazing, and will be suuuuper helpful to me. I'm totally buying this as soon as I have funds to spare for it! 


Awesome, glad it will help!

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I'm literally buying all of your futuristic tilesets and I am proud of it XD thanks for your hard work!

Thanks so much, we appreciate it a ton!


Beautiful as always KR, just wondering, what is the next project after this?


Thanks!  We have a big update to the Trees and Foliage pack coming with a bunch of new and updated artwork, plus I have a test bundle of coordinated furniture sets I'd like to try out and see what everyone thinks.