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Your tilesets looks amazing.

I've a question, there are any characters that fits those tilesets art style?

Could you make everyday town themes for Desert(Arabian theme style buildings) Fantasy forest (Tree houses/wood elf style) and Dwarven (inside a mountain carved in the rock) please!

Added these to the request list too.  (Arabian style has been on the to-do list for quite a while, really need to tackle that one...)

Any ETA for the release of the Arabian Style tilesets? I could really use them for the game I'm making!

Have this one in progress right now!


Thanks for always creating such beautiful tiles! I have several sets by you guys. Would you ever consider adding the 4th direction to your chest animations? Currently you have them fully animated facing down, left, and right, but not facing up and I'd love to add even more variety to those, if possible!


OK, will add this to the request list!

Your tilesets are my favorite! And so much variety! If you have a requests sections, I'm looking all over for a pack of modern buildings like brick or siding with plenty of color options for a small modern town (I'm making a game influenced by Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon).  A movie theater and a museum with an aquarium are also on my lists, but my game is just starting development and your tilesets have 90% of everything I need. You do phenomenal work!

Thanks so much!  I'll add these to the request list!

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Hello! I was interested in making my village multi-tiered and although the tiles are beautiful, there's no cliffs or stairs for vertical building. Would it be possible to add cliff faces for building

vertically to both this and the snow town tilesets? I think it would improve their versatility in design.

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Right now we don't have plans to make sprite bases, sorry.  :(  These were originally designed to work with RPG Maker MV/MZ and you might be able to find the right size characters if you search for creators designing for those engines.  If that doesn't work out, there should be a 32x32px tile folder in the download, and that might work better for you.  

Love your tiles! Would you consider making more comprehensive farming tileset that can match with this tileset? (with several types of plants and several stages of growth). That'd be amazing!

Will add to the request list.  :)

Would you ever consider making any sci-fi/galactic/spatial tiles? I'd love to have some inside battle or space exploration ship interior. Or going on human and alien settlement planets.

On another note, would you ever consider making tiles for VX Ace? For people like me, that's still my primary.

Anyway, keep up the great work! Love this tileset!  o(*^ワ^*)o

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Thanks so much!

Have you taken a look at these sci-fi and alien tilesets yet?  They get a little lost among the others, lol.  I would like to expand that series a little bit though, we've had a few requests for alternate sci-fi aesthetics.

Most of these tilesets come with 32px alternatives that should be VX Ace ready (they just don't have sample maps).  If for some reason they don't work out for you let me know and I'll get it fixed.

Love all your tileset i keep buying them even   if I don't need them maybe for future use haha...  would love to get more   asian themed tile sets from you.

Thanks!  Is there anything specific you're looking for right now?

Ruined versions always welcome in my book as there are so many possibilities. Discover ruined village, kill the bad, invite settlers to location and visit later when rebuilt, backstory of peaceful village, cutscene of attack, player discovers the remains... Purchasing now.

Thanks!  Glad it will be helpful to you.  :)  

Love this pack and the atmosphere!

Do you have any plans on releasing like "pre-made" exterior buildings or houses that are more refined to be less confined to the in-game editor? Basically for parallaxing purposes.

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Thank you!

Haven't really considered making parallax buildings.  It seems like it might be hard to anticipate all the different kinds of buildings someone might want to use?  I also seem to remember another creator getting bad reviews because they made parallax pieces and people really just wanted the tiles themselves. :(


Ah, dang. That is sad to hear.  T_T

I'm a huge fan of them because it just saves me more time (and they're appealing since I parallax) but I can see why others complained, probably because of the lack of customization.