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Elemental Statues for RPGs

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Twelve elemental statues, a great match for our Elemental Dungeon set!  Suitable for general decoration, elements for your dungeons, or the temple of whatever local religion your game has.  Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning and more! 

  • 12 total statues
  • Two files – one gray base, one tinted base to match our Elemental Dungeon Set
  • Includes Fire, Water, Lightning/Electricity, Earth, Wind, Ice, Light/Holy, Dark/Evil/Death, Cosmic, Metal, Flora, Time
  • All figures are female, posing next to crystal orbs.
  • They occupy a 3×4 space in 48px tiles.

See our FAQ for more info.  Commercial use rights included.

Shown with Elemental Dungeon and Tuscan Seaside, available here and here.

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AuthorKokoro Reflections
Tagsearth, elements, fire, goddess, rmmv, RPG Maker, statue, tiles, water, woman


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Is it possible make a request for color changing of the orbs?
or psd, ase files layer included?

Oh. I find a solution for it. Thank you.

Question how exactly do you place these in the tilesets

For RPG Maker?  Have you used up all the available slots for tile files?  (B-E are used?)

Yes they have all been used already, and yes for RPG Maker

OK, the easy solution is probably to duplicate the tileset in your database, remove a file you don't plan on using for that particular map and replace it with the statues.  Alternatively, you could use a graphics editor to delete an item you don't want to use and swap in a statue. 

Yeah that's what I did I duped the tileset entry in the database and removed the e tilesets with the thrones


I just wanted to point out some minor things. They are easy to fix and nothing breaking, but you might want to change them for your official download.

1. The Metal-Statue in all versions is moved too far to the right by 2 pixels, covering up part of the Flora-Statue.

2. The Metal-Statue in both Elemental Dungeon sizes is one pixel higher than it is supposed to for the 192/128 height.

3. The most right line of pixels for the base's shadow is a bit darker between statues if compared to the most right one of the sheet.

Have a nice day and keep up the great work!

(1 edit)

Thanks, added to the list of fixes I need to make!

hello, Kokoro Reflections.

I like your all tilesets.

cause your tileset is best in itch.io.

really nice!

but i have a question..

i want make that map.

but i dont' know where sale that cool map's tileset.

(1 edit)

Thanks so much!  That's the Tuscan Seaside tileset.  :)  Hope that helps!

Thank you :D