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Sorry to bug you...again. I'm trying to find the shelf that can go in all directions and I cannot find it. Is there no bookshelf that's uh sideways or backward? Was hoping to be able to have shelves that weren't front facing and I thought this would let me do it but it seems not?

Looking back on that description, it's worded a bit poorly.  However, I just added a bunch of new shelf tiles that should behave more like what you're expecting.  :)  Hope this helps!

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Oh wow didn't expect this one to get an update, these are great the sideways ones are a bit wonky to use but otherwise this does exactly what I was needing. :3 I'm not sure what's up with them but I have a bit of a weird thing happen with the animated books where when I try closing them it changes the book being displayed for a brief moment before correcting itself side note.

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I was looking for a good library.  I shall buy this at full price.

Thank you!

Not that it will change my decision to get this as son as posible (I was waiting  on this one really hard xD), but one question: the books with jewels and symbols, are normal size or big size? 

There are two sizes.  :)  The little ones (jewels) are about half a tile high and the books with symbols are almost a full tile.

Thats hella convenient. Thank you for the reply!


YESS!! I love it. I absolutely needed this! :D

Thank you! Looking forward to more! Do you happen to have a preview list of what might be coming in the future?


Thank you!  T's working on a volcano set at the moment, the rest is still up in the air as far as order is concerned.  Steampunk is hanging around in there somewhere, we've got a start on it but not sure of the release time, and we have a few ideas set aside for Halloween and other seasonal tilesets coming up.  :)  I hate to say too much because sometimes we end up changing gears or something doesn't work out quite as we like and it ends up getting set back for a while.