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In your new upload “concert (improved glow stripes).zip” you are missing the sparkles folder with $twinkle_blue, $twinkle_green and so on

Fixed.  :)  Thanks.

How do we get the update if we purchased from your website? I just re-downloaded my order and I don't see anything new or different...

Hmm, it should have automatically provided you the new update when you downloaded again.  I put one copy in the 48 folder and one in the 32 folder, called "concert_extra.png"  Could you double check and see if that's there?  It might get a little lost in the filenames.  If it's not there, I'll go digging and see what went wrong.

Ah, there they are! I thought it looked like the file list looked just a tad different in my Finder window, but I looked at all of them one-by-one and still managed to miss it somehow, lol. But those are AWESOME! Thanks a bunch!!!

You're very welcome!  Hope they work well for you!

HI! I actually feel like one of those car insurance ppl.... Ive been trying to get ahold of you.... 
But in all seriousness, ive emailed, discorded, and deviantArted y'all. can you get back to me when you have a chance please ^.^

Amazing! Are there any plans in the future to import more of your tilesets(including this one) on Steam?

There will definitely be more tilesets on Steam as long as Degica keeps requesting them, but they're uploading around 1 a month, where we're uploading 2-3 a month, so unless they decide to bulk upload tilesets (which I imagine would be a TON of work) I don't think the stores will ever be completely synchronized.  

Thank you sooooooo soo sooooo much for these ! got them as soon as they dropped . im new to the rpg maker program and game dev world but got into it trying to create a game that incorporates music ! this is literally exactly what im looking for !! thank guys so much again for this , the timing couldn't have been any better . 

One Question , would there be a way I could commission you guys to create more studio objects ? I'd love more music equipment/studio gear !

What kind of gear do you have in mind?  (I'm not a music person so specifics would be super helpful here.)

High end studio microphones like the Sony c-800 , the telefunken U48 , & nuemann U87 , for example .

rack mounted gear like the LA-610 , a Neve1073 , Avalon tube compressor (rack gear can go into the wall or in rack spaces like you had in the tileset). I have tons of picture references.

the list could get long lol so I kept it short . I'd want to give player the options to upgrade their equipment over time and model after real gear

Thanks!  None of these would be complicated to make so I'm thinking about just adding them to this set.  Any more suggestions that would make this list a bit more rounded out?

I'd say like different variations of guitars , bass's and keyboards/synths . References bellow.

Electric Guitars:

  • Fender. American Performer Stratocaster HSS.
  • Gibson. Les Paul Studio.
  • Fender. American Ultra Telecaster.
  • Ibanez. Prestige AZ2204-ICM.

Bass Guitars:

  • Fender. American Performer Precision Bass.
  • Yamaha. TRBX305 bass guitar.
  • Epiphone. Viola Bass.
  • Ibanez. SRH500-DEF.


  • Roland JP-8 aka Jupiter-8
  • Roland Jupiter-6
  • Roland Jupiter-4
  • Moog Minimoog

Beat Pad's also maybe ?

  • Native Instruments Maschine Mkiii
  • Maschine Mikro Mkiii
  • Akai MPC 3000
  • Akai MPC 2000

Ohh and Studio Monitors !

  • Adams Audio SV5 Wall Speaker Monitors !
  • Adams Audio A77x
  • Adams Audio A8x
  • Genelec 1234A Wall Speaker Monitors !
  • Genelec 1238AC Wall Speaker Monitors ! Horizontal*
  • Genelec 8351A

lol .. thank you for allowing me to share with you ! So much appreciated .

Awesome, thanks.  I'll copy these and use them as reference.

lol j/k this should be useful


Hi KR, have you thought about making tiles for a more urban city or something with more larger buildings? 


I think that's been requested, are you looking for something in particular?

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personally, I would love to see a variety of animated cars to add flavour for a animated traffic scene, maybe a stadium for sports like hocky, football, etc, a airport or some fast food places.


Added to the request list.  :)

Maybe stuff like animated cars, underground subway tiles, subway trains, or perhaps much larger city buildings. What about a more future-like city that isn't exactly cyberpunk?

Thanks!  Most of that is already on the request list, I'll note the futuristic city too.


Now this is one I've been needing! I was aiming for something with more of an outdoor festival vibe, but since it's going to be a night-time scene these should still fit in nicely... Great work on this one!


Thank you very much!



Thank you for listening to my request! :D


You're very welcome!  :D

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I bought most of your packs in steam, and let me tell you that you manage to make a huge impression on me,  dont know if to wait for the rest of your packs in steam or buy it right now on itchio, Your team became one of my top 5 rpg tiles  artist to buy, just one question, are you planning on making a museum, or gas station tiles?


Thanks so much!  On Steam, our publisher only puts out around one tileset a month or so, so it isn't very likely that we'll ever have all our work available on Steam.  Itch is always up to date, though.  :)

Museum and gas station are both on the request list, so there's a very good chance that we'll make them, but I don't have an estimate of when.


Hey KR,

can you make something No Man's Sky-alike? E.g. mysterious artifacts, ruins, and some retro-scifi buildings?


I'll add it to the request list!