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This set has no bitmask included. (edit)

How come most of the tilesets here aren't on Steam?

We'd been posting tilesets on here quite a while before a publisher approached us to publish on Steam.  Because of that, it's taking a while to get everything uploaded there.  It's ultimately up to them what gets published and when.

Well I will keel hoping as I can't afford two libraries and I have already invested in the Steam ones!

I don't personally need this tileset idea but I think a cyper space tileset like in digimon cyber sleuth would be an interesting addition to the line up. Love your assets, always great work ^^

Thanks so much, will make sure this idea is on the list!

This is a great tileset, perfect for a French catacomb-themed dungeon I have planned for later!

One question I had since I noticed it. Did you have an autumn forest tileset on your page at some point? I could've sworn you did but maybe I'm going crazy. Asking since I planned on buying it next month but I can't seem to find it on your page. If you never had one and I'm wrong, please add it to the list, thank you!

We had a screenshot for an autumn forest in the Foliage kit, but we don't have a proper full seasonal set just yet.  It's on the high priority list, though.