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Does this pack contain these things too?

It has a rocky wall texture, but it doesn't look quite like that.  This set leans toward a mechanical or man-made appearance.  If you need super-rugged, natural walls, I'd suggest pulling in tiles from a different set.  Hope that helps.  :)

This pack is awesome!

Seriously I'm so pumped to use it.  This has to be one of my favorite I guess I'm just a fan.

You aren't planning on doing a volcano land town.  I always want to put a town there and it's a lil tricky to look right.

I was really wondering if you were going to do something in the way of a tower wide enough to want to make a tower set.  I think you could design the tower's interior most excellent.

Thank you very much!  

Yes!  We're planning on having a volcano set in the future.  :)  What kind of tower do you have in mind?  

The classic Mages tower with libraries, artifacts,  special spots for magic rituals or magic practice,  was hoping for a spiral staircase but i don't think that's feasible unless it's two squares wide.  bed rooms.  Dorm hall.  Vanities, Statues .A cellar with giant crystal and a roof with a portal! :P :)

Other tower option could be the classic Dark Tower with everything dark and a bit scary.  Glowing purple or red lights.  Lava pit in the center. An organ near the top and at the top a council of darkness with multiple chairs.

May not be the best idea but it's something.  I just like towers to put in a game.  They have a special presence being a tower.


OK, I'll make a copy of this post and add it to the list.  :)  I bet we can work something like this in somewhere!

I second the volcanic lands and mage tower!  Please add my vote, although I love everything you make!

Sorry to bother with off topic question: Do you guys have plans for a steampunk set? Just curious about it!


No bother at all!  Yes, Steampunk should be on the way pretty soon, it's on our high-priority list.  :)

Nice! Thanks for the reply!

Steampunk?! amazing!!

This tile is pretty cool! Do you perhaps have any future plans of making tiles for stuff like horse racing, things like what you would see at a derby? Another neat thing to see would be science laboratories/mad scientist abodes.

Anyway, thanks for making such awesome tiles! I look forward to seeing more!

Thank you!  Mad scientist lair is on the to-do list, never considered making a derby tileset.  That could potentially be expanded for lots of kinds of races.  Added to the list.  :)

Oh wow! What beautiful looking resources. Such an interesting theme, too. It's rare to find alien world\society themed resources. Great job!


Thank you!  :)

It was nicely done! I bought it as soon as I saw it in the notification email! It would be better if you could please check the inquiry email that I sent from on 5.06 and get back to it? That will be just fantastic.

Reply on the way.  :)