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bought this DLC again, on black Friday, can I request a refund, please?


You have to contact directly for refunds.  Sorry about that.  :(

Think there be any chance that you make a horse drawn carriage/some kind of horse or other animal drawn transport in the future? 

Possibly!  Any specific type?  I'll add it to requests.  :)

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hmmh, well, i'm not realy sure, what i should make out of this :P

on one hand ... transportation possibilitys like trains, ships, ballons, planes are always a nice to have ...

this specific one looks ... well ... too old / antique

and while the interior could (probably) be easily modernized by mix-matching it with your scienc, scifi and steampunk sets ...

i can't say the same for the exterior ...

so my question: do you have (or are there any intentions to make)

- a more modern/futuristic looking train (something, that would go well with the alien/science/cyber sets)

- maybe even some kind of "armored" / (steampunk)military styled train
[also, ruined versions are always a welcome addition x3]

- animated "empty" waggons [so basically like mobile platforms to put your own stuff ... like cars, tanks, armors, canons, big attelery (on trains ftw xD), slave cages or ... whatever xD onto]

... maybe even something floating (like a magnetic levitation train) or maybe something more organically looking [like more on the darker / magical side ... that doesn't move with science xD]

... well tl:dr ...
exteriors for different time periods

... also as a side question at the end:
does this (or your overworld packs) have some kind of tiny worldmap train/road tiles included?

Modern and futuristic trains have been previously requested so there will be more of that for sure.  There's also a subway train in the works right now that could be used, although I want a couple more styles.  Pretty soon I plan to make ruined versions of many of the modern sets as well, so the subway/train sets will likely get ruined versions as well.

Armored/military hasn't been requested so I'll add that.

Organic is interesting, adding that as well.

An armored military  train is exactly  what i would need lol

I purchased this asset pack and it is awesome.  I noticed the train left right animation is set up with three frames, but the first and the third seem to be identical.  Was there supposed to be a third different frame included?

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If you're seeing what I think you're seeing, it's set up to make a tiny bob in the center of the animation.  I'm not sure if you're using RPG Maker, but that setup creates just a tiny bit of motion that keeps it from looking too boring as it moves.

Yea I gotcha that is what I was referring to, but I was hoping to have it actually look like motion with maybe a 4 frame movement.  Is there any way to get the source files for this so I could try to edit it more easily?