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Can I convert it for commercial use? 

Hi!  Do you mean to convert it to work with a game engine, or something else?

rpg mz

That's fine.  :)  You can use these for commercial games made on MZ.  

thank you

Hi this is a really nice tileset I want to use it in my game is there any way you possibly have a hospital set with machines in your style? 

Not yet but we plan to make one.  :)

oh! Do you know when it'll be finished? You have two sets I want to purchase for my game I just need a hospital set with hospital machines in it lol 

Sorry, I'm not sure when it will be ready.  :(

that's fine 

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Hi! This is a nice tileset. Is there by any chance you will make a Secret Laboratory tileset. The type that mad scientists usually reside that carry out twisted experiments.


Timely request!  It's actually in the works right now.  :)

Hi Kokoro,

Would it be possible for me to have the tileset from the 6th preview image only? All I'm interested in is the glass building and that really nice revolving glass door.

No worries if not, and thank you!

Right now we don't have any way to break down and sell bits and pieces of tilesets, sorry about that.  :(

No worries. Can I ask where you find that concrete edge in the same image? It's a lip that sits on the edge of the grass. I can't find it in the tileset.


It's on A2, find the starfield and move down two. :)

lol i have this one from your site too... *sigh*

It's ok, there's no significant new content, just a quick file update. :)

OK, but would still would like to link  to this from that pack incase of more updates in the future please. i can prove i have it with screen shots :)

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Does this or any of your packs come with pre-made worlds or is it just the tiles?

Some come with sample's something we added later, so a lot of the early tilesets don't have them yet.  I wouldn't call them worlds...they're mainly ideas for construction.  This one doesn't have sample maps but will soon.

Ok it would be amazing if you included the sample maps you make for the display images. I usually want to test a concept quickly so not having to build maps from scratch is a major plus.

I think I still have the source files, will try to get those added soon!

Good Job! Hope to see more Sc-Fi/Cyberpunk Tiles :)

Thank you!  We do have several requests for cyberpunk so that will probably happen, not sure exactly when though.  :)

Well, that 's good to hear :)


Love this pack so much! Hope you guys create another sci-fi pack in the future. :)

Just got the set. Love the buildings and portals. Great Job!

Thanks! I've been looking for a Scifi set!