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For the Tuscan set, the version on Steam is v2.  For sample maps, check here:  Hope this helps.  

Thank you.

Are we allowed to use your sample maps in our game for commercial use? I've bought quite a few of your sets and some of your sample maps are almost perfect. I'd just need to make a few changes to make them fit my game, but I didn't want to use them as they are in my own game without permission.

That's fine, I'm glad they fit well enough to be helpful!

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Will you ever consider having a ready to go package with your tilesets for Godot? Found a cool plugin from github that simplifies turning your tilesets into Godot's format, though it does take some time. (Worth noting the water animations are fully functional!)

It has an auto importer for A1-5 tiles, though for B-F I think you have to manually create the tiles, which is my only complaint for their plugin. 

Would I be able to email you what I mean as an example of Godot ready assets? From my testing you can drag and drop them into any godot project with this setup and it'll work out of the box(bless the plugin creator, I could not figure out how to get the tiling setup otherwise) this being the plugin


That plugin seems familiar.  I can't recall why I didn't use it before.  I'll look into it again though. :)

Good luck! It took me a hot minute to understand the interface, but so far it seems great for converting rpg mv tiles to Godot

Will buy this today.

It will be part of Dracula's adventure.  A nice, relaxing seaside village.

All of your tilesets are AWESOME!!!  I loved this one.  Thank you so much for your work.  I don't know if you take request, but maybe you can make a beach tileset bundle one day.  I would definitely buy it! 

This is definitely on our to-do list.  :)  Thanks so much!

Hello, I have rpgmaker mz. How would I go about adding the lighthouse to a map since it's not on one of the tilesets?


I ran into this creating the sample maps...I really wanted to include the lighthouse, but there just wasn't enough room, so what I ended up doing was making a duplicate of the tileset in the database and choosing one part of the tileset to swap with the lighthouse.  So for example you might have your town on one map, your lighthouse on another, and each map gets its own copy of the tileset.  The lighthouse is already in the right sized file, so you can just plug it in and go.  You might also be able to use an overlay script or make an event, but the above is probably the simplest answer.

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Hi. I purchased this on your website website a while back and still have the billing for it in my email. For the version 2, do we have to purchase it again?

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The updates are free for anyone who's bought it on any of our stores.  :)  Can't remember if I have your email address on hand but if you'll send me an email I'll send you an key.

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Thank you so much! I'll shoot you an email :) Hopefully it went through.

How to update this when bought from your site? 

Shoot me an email real quick and I'll send you either an key or another download, whichever you prefer.  :)  

I sent an email i .. hope to the right person >.>

It's fine, I got it.  :)  I sent you a key. 

thank you! I love your stuff but im finding its easier to keep up to date with 

Awesome job! Love this new rework! Thank you very much!

Some ideas for future tilesets that I would gobble up:
-Museum (History)

-Ancient Greece

-Native American

-Age of Exploration + Sailing/Pirate Ships

Thanks!  I think we've got all of these on the to-do list now.  :)  

do you plan on making tiles from other places around the world? Rome/Japan/Tibet/Egypt/Morocco/Americas etc modern and historical?

Yes!  We have most of those our to-do list right now.  :)

Tiles on specific location themes are what im looking for the most at the moment and i really like your style :P 

Thanks! :D

I bought this ages and ages ago, anyway of re-downloading it with the updated animations ?

Is it available in your library?  You should just be able to download it from there again, as far as I know.

Nope bought it on your actual site instead my invoice is : KOKOROREFLECTIO190814-5694-62115 . Also wondering how to get the black effect with the balconies :) 

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This is really a great tileset. However, I was a little disappointed that there was no animated version of the fountains and also the amazing included doors don't include an opening animation.

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That's one thing we want to improve going forward.  Animation is a weak point of mine.  Thanks for your feedback!

i've brought this asset pack, it would be cool if you included sample maps like FSM tileset packs

We hadn't actually considered it before, thanks for the idea!

specially with sample map as like as your presentation here, that could really great for inspiration :D

Hello! Are your tilesets 48x48? 

Hello. I want to know if I can use this for TRPG game. May i use it?


Yes!  You're welcome to use it with any engine or for any style of game.  You may have to modify the tiles to make them suit your purpose though.