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These look beautiful, gonna pick up soon!

Thank you!  Hope you enjoy it!

Just bought it!    Hope the water is animated, it's the main thing I'm using it for.

Wrapping the tiles into 3D  models      ;)

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Sounds cool!  I don't know if it will work for animation.  What sort of setup do you have for that?

We remade the tiles for Smile Game Builder format and it works very nice.  You can look at our Twitter and see some of it.

After we finish a good amount on the engine, we are exporting to Unity and doing more advanced mechanics.  :)  Thankyou for all the tiles, we have bought quite a few...  :)

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We noticed the outer edges of your mapping examples here and the crystals  have lights on them.  I don't actually have RPG Maker MV installed anymore  or I  would check.

The lighting on the water and crystals, where is that from?


Great, glad it's working for you.  The lighting effects are overlays.  I don't know how it might work in Unity, but you could probably use some of the effects from the God Ray Kit.

Thank you!

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I love these sets, but I'm already a big KR fan.  And now they only need to make a dragon themed volcano and they've done everything I've wanted


this is amazing, thank you!

Have you considered a WW2 tileset? I would pay top dollar and i see a lot of other people looking for WW2 tiles too :)

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Really, that's good to know, thank you!  I'll definitely add that to the list and see what we can do!  What would be "must have" tiles for a set like that, in your opinion?

Thanks for responding!

i envisage tanks, jeeps, artillery cannon, ammo crates and machine guns, on scorched earth with a backdrop of large destroyed stone buildings.


I'd also like to add some of these ideas: barracks, bunkers, barbed wire, trenches, craters of various sizes, tank traps, crew-served weapons such as anti-tank/anti-aircraft guns and mortars. Maybe even some planes and ships.

PVGames is actually working on some WW2 tiles, but it's not my style.

great ideas!

hey Kokoro! Loving the new tilesets! Have you thought any more about the WW2 tileset?!

Thank you!  We haven't forgotten about you!  Not sure when we will get to this as our request list is REALLY long right now.

no problem at all, thank you for considering it!!

I am working on a WW2-style project and would love a WW2-style tileset as well.

Thanks for this pack! 

Also can't wait for the mountain pack. That's something I've been lacking in my tileset collection ^^


Thanks!  Lots of interest in that, I'll see if we can get that moved up for a quicker release.  :)

Wow, another fantastic looking set. I wonder, however, does the A5 "bonus" include those round-edges kind of wall tiles? Auto-tile walls can be a bit stiff-looking in a cave. Thank you!


They're on D.  I think if you used them on A5, wouldn't they chop holes in the autotiles and make the shadows weird?  I can't remember for sure.  But they're definitely in there.  :)

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Oh! Thank you. I actually don't rightly know. Haven't used maker series for a while. I just saw some assets categorize those in A5. But as long as they are included, it works for me.


This looks amazing! Any chance you guys will be doing an outside mountain range type? Or a jungle?


Thank you!  We have a jungle/Aztec type set on the way, and mountain is on the to-do list.

Glad to hear. Just bought this pack and 'll definitely be using it in my game!

I was looking at my collection of your assets the other day and just thinking how strange it was there wasn't a cave one. Great job guys. Any chance of there being an ancient Egyptian theme for the future releases?


Thanks!  Yes, there will be an Egyptian one, it's pending right now and will be posted soon.  :) (Probably around the end of the month.)