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Have you guys ever thought about making a outdoor field-like tileset, to use as a lunar-based overworld kinda like the default overworlds for RPG Maker MZ but more space-like and like it's being lived on by Lunar Civilians?

Don't think we have one like this on the request list yet, will add it, thanks!

Basically what I mean by that, is a Moon themed tileset kinda like what the Moon is for the Final Fantasy games that has a Moon themed area, but instead for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ.

That's exactly what came to my mind, so we're on the same page!

That's actually a big surprise for me, but hey if it ever happens then I'll definitely buy the tileset itself for what it's worth, and use that as the Moon World of my game "Nightblade Mystic Adventure" which was originally planned to have a Moon themed World.

What about a "Underworld" tileset as well, like the Underworld similar to that of Final Fantasy II (SNES)/Final Fantasy IV (DS)?

Yeah, I think it wouldn't be any trouble.  Will add this note to the request list too.


I wanted to start by saying you guys do awesome work. 

Is there any chance that you could do a demonic town/city tileset? I was thinking of something that matches the legendary reaper tileset or the darker legendary palace tilesets in stylization. Thanks!

Thanks!  We've had similar requests in the past and we will probably make something like this.


I was waiting for this one. The day I thought about asking if it was near, you dropped the bomb, love that xD had to wait a little, but finally bought it and I don’t think anyone will suffer to make sun stuff again, thank you so much.

So glad it will work for you, this one was really fun to make and I was happy with the way it came together.  :)

oh my goodness! I don't believe you have done such a splendid and marvelous job!

I will definitely buy this tileset!

Thank you, glad you like it!  :)

Once i'm able to start using these tilesets i will but first i need to get somebody to buy them for me they look amazing

Thanks so much, glad you like them!

yeah they're epic!

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I'm always impressed by what you release, but this in particular blew me away. Might been cause I always been a sucker for sun/moon themes but this I just love. Great idea and execution. 
Only downside is i need to make a game where those two themes are applicable now :P, but thats a feature not a bug as they say. 

So glad you liked it!  Hope it will be useful to you in the future.  :)

Your work always surprises me and makes my heart beat. So I bought a megabundle a few hours ago, but within a short period of time, this set was added and the discount time was extended. As a user of East Asia, I am currently worried about the high dollar exchange rate. If this asset is included in the mega bundle and there is no price increase, can I get an access key?

Sure, you bet.  :)  Actually I wanted to get in touch with you about that anyway because the timing was so close on that release.  Is it okay if I send you an email to the address you have on your account?

Thank you so much! You surprise me every time. In the future, I can buy it with confidence even in this case. I will continue to purchase your Asset. You deserve it. Thanks again :D

Thanks so much, we appreciate it!  The key should be on its way to your email.  :)

Thanks for your email. I'm looking forward to the next asset. Have a nice day! XD

Great idea!  Awesome assets as always!

Thanks, glad you like them!

These are gorgeous. Great job! Hopefully, I can come up with another project idea that will allow me to give you guys more of my money! XD

Thanks so much, glad you like them!  :D