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Hi there, bought this on Steam and was kind of disappointed that the B tiles are the exact same as those of "Untamed Desert". I can understand why this is, but would have been nice if it was stated in the product description. Thanks. 

If you use Unity and want a quick solution to make these maps work, try this importer; best fiver spent ever!

Thank you for the recommendation!  I added it to our compatibility page to let people know.

Hi Kokoro, the solution partially worked, I was able to import from A2 to A5 but i couldn't make work all the "non-rm" textures; therefore, I wasn't able to create doors (for instance).

Hmm, if you have a2-a5 imported, the non-rm textures should just be exploded versions of the same thing. Can you use the dark shadow tile on D for the doors?  That's what was used in the screenshots.  It should just go over the top of the wall tiles.

Can I create an Oasis? Is there a water tile?

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No, but Untamed Desert can do that.

How well do the KR tilesets match the aesthetics of the RTP for MV? They're gorgeous tiles, but I worry that the art will clash.

I think you could use certain tilesets as long as they didn't mix on the same map, but generally speaking, I'm gonna have to go with "no."  Even if the color matched, I think the scale of objects would look off.  Some sets like (for instance) Deep Ocean might look ok, if you go into it knowing the map is supposed to be wildly different than everything around it.

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Thank you for your quick and honest response!

If i buy this asset, does it have a ".json" file for rpg maker MV, or should i build the map by myself?

It comes with a complete project file for MV so the .jsons are included.  :)

I want to buy some asset/maps , but you have soooooo many! My eyes are confused!

Can you give me some idea , i have already made a game demo. maybe you wanna add my discord if you have one?

Ryan Ye#9728

We don't have an official Discord for KR, but if you'll send a message here I'd be happy to help!

I have sent message in the name of "Ryan Ye", idk how i receive message back from you?

Do you have facebook messenger?

I sent you an email.  :)  And yes!  You can contact us on Facebook.

Amazing. need it

I am so stoked, I'm busy faving so many of your packs for as soon as I get paid, and this new one is for sure one of the most exciting ones I saw! And you're busy saying in the comments that an Aztec one is upcoming, I cannot wait! Such fantastic work, thank you!

Thanks so much, hope you enjoy them!  

Awesome job! 

Thank you!

This is exactly what I needed in my game! Thanks so much! 


Hope it works well for you!  


I love it! What's up next!? <3


Thanks!  We've got another entry for the Legendary Palace series and an Aztec/jungle set up next.  :)


You guys have gone from good tile set creators to GOAT

Passing by to say: if you guys could consider adding a "Aztec Sun disc" to that! Im waiting for the Aztec, but I admit is hard to wait when you keep posting quality after quality. Im going crazy for those mermaid tiles!


There is a tile in there that's really close right now, I think it will probably work for you.  T worked on that set and it looks like she took the pattern of a sun disc and modified it just a bit, probably because all those little intricate pieces wouldn't show up.

That would be wonderfull or me!

OH MAN! I can't WAIT for the jungle!! That's what I'm building right now! haha

YESSS! I've been eagerly awaiting this! Awesome job!

Thanks!  Hope it works well for you.  :)