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Your designs are always such works of art! One I'd love to see, dunno if anyone's ever put it in yet(I'd love it if someone has) is maybe like the interior tileset of an upscale skyscraper, with the red carpets, fancy elevators, windows that take up whole walls, expensive decor, etc. like think those executive suite towers that are very flashy and high-class-looking that you always see crime syndicates and big mob bosses using as their headquarters!

We've had several requests for skyscrapers and I'm pretty sure we'll work on this soon.  :)

Ooh great! I look forward to it!

I really did need something like this, thanks so very much! 

You're welcome!  Hope it works well for you!

Geez, I need to learn how to do tiles fast as you. xD

xD Well there are two of us working this as a full time job so there's that.  For me personally it's fun, and seeing what people need and delivering something that might help them out is pretty cool.

Good morning KR, does your team perhaps do commissions?

I'm trying to make a sci fi game and was wondering if I could request some space ships tiles from your team.


Right now we can't do commissions because our request list is super long.  We do have requests for more sci-fi environments, so that's  probably going to happen anyway.  :) Sorry about that!

Out of curiosity, how long is your request list? 

I'm a huge fan of your gus' work and I look forward to every release!


Thanks so much!  I roughly counted the entries in the list and it's 70+ entries.  Some will probably be expanded, though, and I'm sure some could also be combined.

Dang, you guys really be making resources fast and furious. Love it! xD