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Hello, I purchased the pack on Steam but there were no sample maps, are these two different versions?

No, they're the same otherwise.  You can get the sample maps here:

I'm absolutely floored by how amazing your tilesets are. When my game releases, I'll give you a free copy 100%! Def as a thanks for your work.

Thanks so much, would love to see what you make!


Do you have a modern hospital tileset planned at some point?


Yes, I want to work on this one pretty soon.  :)  


Are there damaged versions of the tiles? I was looking at working on a post-apocalyptic wasteland environment where the party would be exploring ruined villages, towns and cities.


Not yet but it's high priority.  


Wonderful work! I always love to see more interior tilesets like this.

...also leaving a desperate request for art deco tilesets TwT

I need them gold trims / fancy geometric decorations!


Yes for sure!  It's already on the request list; I want to make this one anyway.

Im sooo excited ! This is so dope ! Thank you

Hope it works well for you!  :)



I got surprised here xD I came to post a suggestion for a pack(s) and found this new one. I don’t really like posting these in new packs because it sounds like “oh, cool, now go make more!”


So, sorry for this. but I gotta say: looking fancy!


Here is a suggestion for something I violently crave: Moon/Sun castle tileset. If separate, even better, but if together, I won’t complaint xD


I find myself lacking on ornamentation with the motif, especially for the sun part. There is just not a lot for it and what exist is divided in other packs and normally is not really specific for a “sun” theme (or rpg maker).


In fact, I think the only pack I have found that can be used in some way is yours, with cosmic dungeon (and if you know how to edit, maybe crystal castle would make a good exterior).  But since those are for dungeons and mixed together (cosmic I mean) … here I’m.


Some ideas to put for both cases: (all with their sun/moon motif as you guys see fit)


-Sigils (to decorate walls and floors with)

-Moon themed throne/Sun themed throne








-Silver and Golden Statues

-Moon/Sun orbs

-Maybe moon chairs like animal crossing?


-Hanging stars/moons/suns for decorations

-Stained windows (and if one of these is an eclipse, that would be cool)

-And PLEASE, a theme altar so I can finally sacrifice a sheep to mother moon or father sun or whatever nonsense I come up with xD

In the color department, I figure silver and deep blue for moon and red/orange and golden for sun… but I leave that to the experts.


Sorry for the long text, just trying to be clear!


You always have great and detailed ideas so I have no complaints!  Added to the list.  :)

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Thanks! Looking foward to it! 😁

Forgot to say:

When I say "Sun and Moon" I meant them, as in separate things xD to make a castle for each in separate terms, I mean.

-Statues/Golems. Moon and Sun statues/Golems. To stand ready  in halls and wanots. That would be neat.

YESS the tallest building in Los Diablos!!!


as soon as I got the notification in my email and saw who it was from I just new it was going to be fire lol

Glad you like it!  :D

Ooh I love this! Great job as always!

Thank you! :)