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Is there a request for a studio film? with the green wall and camaras?


Not yet, will add it right now!  Thank you!


Love these! I always look forward to another update here! Is maybe a Vampire-themed one in the plans? Could definitely go full Castlevania look with that!


Seems like we had a request for a vampire set before, will check on that!  Thanks!

I keep thinking you have one but then remember you don't can't wait for that one! :D


I have seen other people make requests. Perhaps could you make a bowling alley tileset? Your tilesets are good and I have bought several. I would definitely buy a bowling alley tileset. None exist as of yet.

OK, will add this to the request list.

Thank you so much. The main protagonist in one of my games uses a bowling ball as his weapon of choice and it would be a great addition. I will look forward to it.

those moon decorations look amazing!

Thank you!