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more more MORE next pack (they are all so good including the awesome Aztec Jungle

Thank you!  More goodies on the way!

Epic! Thank you!


Looks great!  Love that lighting.  Keep up the good work!

Nice Work

Thank you!

The aesthetic of this pack is amazing!  Your art keeps getting better and better!  Thank you!

Thanks so much!  

I'm such a sucker for glowing stuff! This has to be one of my favorite packs from you guys in terms of aesthetic.

Great work! <3


Thank you!

Are there any more plans for like these type of glowey type of tilesets?


T's working on an alien landscape with some bio-luminescent plants right now.  Not sure if that fits but maybe.   The Legendary Palace series is kind of made up as I go so I can incorporate more glow tiles in the darker tone tilesets.  :)

Bio-luminescent plants are stuff I like, so I'm looking forward to that! Thanks for the quick response :)


Have mercy... those ornaments! 

You guys always keep thinking on what is not out there yet and provide just that. Thanks for working so hard!

And thank you for the encouragement!  :D

Wow, superb work! Excited to see more, especially the ice and dark palaces!


Thank you!  Glad you're enjoying them.  We're hoping to make a lot more in this series.

Will this be put in the Everything Bundle like the Spirit of Egypt got or do you have to purchase this seperated?

Try pressing once on "buy all for 349.99" and then scroll down the list. Youll see your answer at the bottom of the list.


Thanks for your help, I didn't notice

These (and all new products) will be separate.  The way the bundles work, you get what is available at the time.  New products can't automatically be added.  

Thanks again for your fast support, I'm going to buy this then :)

They cant be automatically updated, thats true, but you can manually update the bundle every time you release a new asset pack, right? Take Visustella's plugin bundle collection for exemple. You pay 100$ and you get every single rmmz plugin that they made and that theyre gonna make in the future without paying an extra penny. Anyway! Whatever you choose to do, Ill still buy your packs coz theyre freakin awesome! Keep up the good work! ^.^


Thanks!  I'll look into that and see how they've set it up.  :)

*walks in and looks around* ...

tiles of everything ... where are yooou ...

so, instead of more affordable bundles we get less of em now ... x.x