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The colors of this one made me finally think of a theme that I'd REALLY love to request: Peacocks. The game I'm making deals heavily with actual occult "pathworking" imagery which incorporates a lot of religious and mythological figures, but there's one very important and enigmatic character that I don't have any good assets for, and that's Melek Taus, "the Peacock Angel." Some have tried to portray him as a symbol of the "world soul" similar to the Gnostic goddess Sophia, others have drawn connections to the mysterious Blue God of the fae / faery religion (if you'd call it that), but the Iraq tribe that worships him claim that he is actually Shaitan (Satan), who redeemed himself after crying for a thousand years and thus quenching the fires of hell, then creating the universe out of a Cosmic Egg. It'd be awesome if you could do some kind of tileset relevant to that -- perhaps some floor tiles with peacock eye designs on them, peacock statues, a flashy Peacock Throne, etc... 

Hi there!  Thanks for the idea!

I love these mythical creature-themed palaces! Will we be seeing a dragon-themed palace in the future?


It's definitely possible, Dragon has been requested multiple times.  At first we were thinking it might be covering old territory, what with Elemental Dungeon and all, but sounds like people won't mind seeing another take on the theme.  :) Thanks!

Yeah, I've seen the Elemental dungeon, but looking at your palaces vs the dungeons, I definitely think there's a lot that can be done differently that can set it apart from that!

I actually just need thirteen dungeons that are similar and different.  If this gets up to all thirteen I'd be so happy but I'll have to see if you make the number 8 rise to 13.  Those three were suggestions but not as important as 13 legendary palaces.  OOoo just thought of a good one a forest themed one called Ent, Treant, of Dendroid... All that wood WOULD be be a sanctum of wood and would be GROOVY and GNARELY... lol 

You guys get more and more creative. its amazing!

Thank you!  :D

wahoo.  I like these palaces... Could you do something for a Time type legendary Palace represented by a hummingbird the stopper of time, a Metal type represented by the legendary Chinese White Tiger that symbolized metal, a Moon type symbolized by the Werewolf.  I'd like to see these but of course do what you want.  Keep the Legendary Palaces coming.

A Monster that symbolizes time is the Chimera.  The White Tiger is also a legendary beast not just an albino tiger.

I'm intrigued by the hummingbird one, I'll have to look into that more.  We wanted to have a Palace to go with the Steampunk stuff and these are some good ideas to maybe incorporate somehow.  Werewolves were definitely on the radar as well.  I'm sure we'll reach 13, who knows how far we might get with that series actually, lol.  There are just a ton of possibilities.

There was this old game called Legends of Kesmai (I think it was the first graphical MMO and sequel to the first MMO which was text based) and the best weapon was the Hummingbird Longsword.  It let you attack twice in one turn which was unheard of elsewhere in that game.

You know what would be funny yet kind of good.  

Legendary Palaces: Scarecrow

There is always my favorite monster...

Legendary Palaces: Minotaur

And this one is practically a must but nothings a real must..

Legendary Palaces: Dragon

Unless I'm seriously worried like the bank don't take my suggestions too seriously... I like throwing them at the pot, hopefully they go in.  You're officially my favorite tileset maker even over RefMap (RefMap [first seed materials] doesn't release enough.  You're were tied with pioneer valley games even though my favorite kind was on VX I just enlarge them.  They unfortunately don't have enough of the content I liked like their old style so they can't compete. You pump out stuff all the time... I probably have more KR tilesets than any other tileset maker.  I kind've want to do tileset making except I'm working on a game... I suppose all my tilesets I make could go in my game... I'm an amateur pixel artist but I've been doing normal art for a long time.  It's that your tilesets look SO good.  I really like PVG old style but your style is just as good and there is much more content.  I'm a harsh critic too.