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Oh I have a question.  You have a world map location but no tile set can do it justice.  How about some crystal caverns?  Hope you like this one idea cuz the crystal cave I'm stuck with is Gutty Kreum's.  And I will just use it unless someone else's comes along.

Been meaning to work on that one for a while.  It's on the list.  :)

This is sooooooooo amazing. I will buy this without doubt!!

Thank you very much!


Thank you, love the steampunk designs!  Great job as always!  Kinda catching up on getting your tilesets lol.

If you are looking for more ideas I am in need of an ancient battleground and an observatory.  I think an observatory could be like a tower tileset all to itself.  Whatever you decide, I don't want to take an artist away from their inspiration and want to reiterate that you are a blessing to the game development community!  Thank you both and hope you had a great holiday!

Thanks so much!  Adding your requests; could you elaborate on what you'd need in the observatory set a bit?


sweet I did suggest this but I bet you already had it in mind.  Sweet job