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I'll be amassing your tilesets at a steady pace, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love these products! With how big and diverse my game world is supposed to be, I don't think I ever would have been able to actualize it fully (especially since many good tilesets are made exclusive for MV). So the KR tilesets are going to be my saving grace! Honestly I wanted to give a lot of recommendations, but for the most part you've already gotten most of what I need! Two recommendations I have however: 

- Sci-fi spaceship. Technically I can work with your Scifi Frontiers set, and will, but a dedicated modern spaceship set would work wonders (bonus points if you include an exterior for the ship!)

- Western "county" tileset. Different from medieval villages, more wild west-y and southern! 

Both would make great additions I think, and I'm sure would help more than just me! Regardless, I appreciate all your work!

PS. This might be too much extra work to be worthwhile, but I'd really appreciate VXA samples in the same way you have samples for MV. Still getting the hang of mapping well. :p 


So glad our tilesets will work for you!   These subjects have been previously requested by others and we definitely plan to tackle both of them in the future, although I don't have an exact timeline yet.

I wish there was an easy way to make VX Ace maps from MV maps.  I'm not currently aware of a way to do that without completely recreating them.

to add to the spaceship idea ...

maybe not only the ship itself, but also a possibility to "connect" it with the other (sci-fi, cyber, alien) sets

something like a starting / landing ramp, a small space-catapult (for the smaller ships) or some dock - tiles [like a big door with some mechanicle constructions to hold the ship in place] , a bit of floating rubble (for the destroyed parts of it) and some repair drones :P

Awesome work! I could totally see this place work incredibly well for a Drow stronghold.

Thanks!  :D

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I adore that you were able to get to one of my two suggestions this quickly! I really like what you did with the idea and I will definitely be buying it when I get paid in two weeks~ ! I already know exactly where and how it's going to be used. :) (I've got Drider/Aranaea sprites and battlers to fill it with~ ^.^)

Thank you!  So happy that it will work for you!


If it's a male spider.  Where do the webs come from?


Lots of possibilities here: 

  • Some male spiders do spin webs, and it seems younger ones are more likely to do it.   
  • Also, maybe he has a girlfriend?  
  • People are probably going to use generic spider battlers for a dungeon like this, so maybe he rules over regular spiders who make the webs.
  • There could be many spider people there.  The statues could just represent them as a people.
  • Also since this is a totally fictional thing, people are free to determine what's normal for this species.

I'm just making stuff up, haha.  :)  Having said that, there are non-web versions of everything, it's just for thematic interest.

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