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Hi there! I just wanted to make the suggestion of possibly, (one day) releasing a colosseum tileset? Thank you for your consideration, and for sharing your talents with us! The tiles are so lovely! 

OK, added to the request list!  Thanks!

Buying this now, been wanting it for a while. Are there any plans for fantasy shops like weapon/armor/item shop like they have in rtp? Would definitely love to buy one in your style.

Thanks!  Yes, this is on the request list.  :)

why itch tells me " $13.99 USD" to get

what's in that file?

(1 edit)

If you pay 13.99 instead of 11.99, you get a few extra files with tiles specific to weddings.  The detailed list is shown in the description.

Quick question about the wedding addon -> I noticed that one of the files - A2 - seems to be either mislabeled or there is something missing in the file. I'm assuming the idea is to have the base Cathedral tileset and just replace A2, A4 and B sheets however that way you endup without anything for the ground. Is the A2 wedding sheet actually supposed to go on a different image layer?

Yeah, I ended up with that situation because the A2 for the Cathedral itself ended up full.  I originally left it that way so the user could duplicate the A2 and choose what to remove, but I can make a quick combined version if you need!  

Oh I was actually just curious if it was intentional or not, no worries. :)

It's a fairly simple edit so I already made a quick mix of it and the other A2 set on my side. Thanks for the fast reply by the way! ^-^

No problem, let me know if you need anything else!

Is this pack for which RPG Maker game?

It's formatted mainly for VX/Ace, MV and MZ, it comes with both 32x32 and 48x48 tile sizes.  :)  May work with some of the other versions too.

Thanks for the quick response! I'll grab these straight away then :)

Thanks, we appreciate it very much!  Hope you enjoy them!

Hello!  Love your packs.

Will this pack's color palette and style match the gothic pack you have and most the other ones



Thank you!  The style matches for sure, the gothic set's palette is very gray so you wouldn't want to mix them directly on the same map as the Cathedral tiles will look noticeably more orange.  They'll work fine in the same game, though.  A few other sets might not be a good match, ie Seasons of Harvest is a little more cartoon, but for the most part the other sets should be ok.  :)

Are edits/redraws permitted after purchase?

You bet, as long as they're not reposted anywhere.  :)