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Hello~ I love these and I'm using them however, would you please be able to supply the color palette? I'm not using RPGMaker.

ALSO, if you have characters can you please link them? It's very hard to find matching characters to use in this without the palette or a character example, if you don't have any character packs, do you have any interest in making some?

These don't have a fixed color least, not in the sense that an old-school tile or sprite would.  They can be color sampled, but I don't think it would really be helpful?  Or would it? 

Right now we don't have any definite plans to release character packs, but if we're able to, I'll let everyone know.  :)

This is an excellent tileset! I have a question though, would a simple hue adjustment work so I can mix this with the haunted swamp tileset? I was thinking of adding the water tiles and cliffs from the latter but the colors are different for the grass around the tiles.


Thank you, glad you like the set!  A hue adjustment should do the trick, I think, maybe a little adjustment to saturation and contrast as well, but it shouldn't take much to get it close enough to work.

Awesome job as always!  I really like your more imaginative tile sets, any chance you could do a world in a painting?  I am not asking for anything specific; I would love if you let your creativity take control.   

I have some notes about some various art/craft-related worlds, I think it'd be a cool set to try to make!

Great tileset. now all i need is a none-haunted variant

Added to the request list.  :)


This one turned out really really good! can't wait for more of your work!

Thanks!  :)

Top quality as always 

Thank you!

Looks really fun! 

Thank you! :)


Probably get next month for my survival horror game

Thank you!  Hope it helps! :)