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This is an excellent tileset! I have a question though, would a simple hue adjustment work so I can mix this with the haunted swamp tileset? I was thinking of adding the water tiles and cliffs from the latter but the colors are different for the grass around the tiles.


Thank you, glad you like the set!  A hue adjustment should do the trick, I think, maybe a little adjustment to saturation and contrast as well, but it shouldn't take much to get it close enough to work.

Awesome job as always!  I really like your more imaginative tile sets, any chance you could do a world in a painting?  I am not asking for anything specific; I would love if you let your creativity take control.   

I have some notes about some various art/craft-related worlds, I think it'd be a cool set to try to make!

Great tileset. now all i need is a none-haunted variant

Added to the request list.  :)


This one turned out really really good! can't wait for more of your work!

Thanks!  :)

Top quality as always 

Thank you!

Looks really fun! 

Thank you! :)


Probably get next month for my survival horror game

Thank you!  Hope it helps! :)