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I just downloaded this, and it appears the final set (charcoal + mint/strawberry) don't include a version with items/clutter on the shelves. I'm sure this was just a mishap, seeing as you recently made an update. Just wanted to make u aware.

and ty very much for your work! i appreciate it

Should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know.  :)

thanks so much! I really appreciate how quick and responsive you guys are to the community. seriously, really appreciate it. hope you have a nice week!

Can I request adding no-shadows versions, like your amazing Stone Quarry tileset?

Done and done!

Thank you!!! <3

Very nice. I look forward to future furniture sets in different styles. More options are always nice.

On a suggestion note ... any thoughts on a construction site pack? I know your Urban Modern pack has some construction equipment but I mean something with steel girders with wooden walkways for a large construction site or a wooden frame for a smaller house. Maybe some stuff for an excavated hole where you'd put some basement levels or something.

Not sure how in-demand that is but it might be a nice addition for an urban setting.

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This one has been requested once I think so it's on the list.  :)  I'll add your notes to the request.

So this is like stone quarry... but furniture, interesting

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Also dont know if someone requested this already but can you make a inner and outer tiles set where the whole focus is fast food full of fast foods like fried chicken and burgers with posters, and cooking equipment like deep fryer and burger deeper and a drive thru?


We've had several requests for various types of restaurants so it's very likely this will be made.  :)

Will you keep updating this with different colors? or more types of furniture?


Yes, we plan to make more furniture sets like this, with different themes.  :)

It occurs to me that it might actually be really nice to have empty versions of the bookshelves and things. That way we could more easily edit in our own shelf clutter.

Not that editing stuff out before putting new stuff in is super complicated but it's just a thought.

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I could put the empty bookcases in the empty space below the last group of suites.  OK, I'll try to get that added today!

Nice! Thanks so much.