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I was wondering if you could do something they do for places that are dungeons.  I just need more different dungeons.  A cell door and bars isn't enough.  I want torture devices drains as though it has water going through it.  A secret passage to the secret treasury.  Skull Sconces / Braziers. A monster room like a hole in the ground that's also monster teeth/throat and old prisoners can be thrown in there.  I'm sure you can imagine other things.  It could be a haunted dungeon too. Oh yeah an evil looking Fountain.  Basically an evil castle's dungeon.  You should also think of doing an evil castle... Those are important to a lot of RPG game makers.  I was going to input a evil dungeon below some castle ruins.  I only have one evil castle tileset  I could simply use another.

Got it!  Thanks for the detailed descriptions, those are always super helpful.  :)

yeah I'm thinking of kind of a hellish dungeon but it's semi horror or just plain horror then.


Was this inspired by Uta's heartscape in Blue Reflection? I can't post an image link, but if you've played it, you know what I'm talking about.

I'll have to pick this up one day to do my own 2D recreation of it.


This was made for a request, so it wasn't inspired, but maybe the requester had something like that in mind?  I don't know for sure.  :)

If Im not wrong, this was my request, so no. I have no idea abouy that game .

Cool all tilesets. Can you make new submarine tilesets?

Sure, I can add that to the request list.  Any kind of sub in particular?

Inside the Submarine interior.


This has to be one of my favorite tiles from you guys! I'm such a flower lover in real life and love decorating my maps with them,  so this helps me so much. 

I hope there will be more variations in the future or even glowing ones.


Oh, glowing flowers sound really neat.  I'll make a note of that.  :) Thanks!

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since you're talking about flowers i'll add my 50 cent to it ...
what i would like to see:

- more "growing" things (like fruit trees [in different sizes to simulate their growth] etc)
- a greenhouse (like - a glass dome with planters)
.oO(since im already talking about glass domes ... how about a swimming pool or some waterpark [slide, wave-pool, hot spring, sauna] tiles)

and when we're at it ... "vertical farming" actually is quite the trend nowadays (so ... some robotized vegatable planty walls for our scifiy buildings maybe)

Added to requests.  :)

For those who dont know, Kokoro Reflections has a twitter and you can check progress there and yet, still get your mind blown apart when you see the final result.

I was waiting for a flower tileset and this is just gorgeous. I LOVE the fact that there is sunflower and moonflower. Is one of my favorite thematics along with roses. 

Thank you so much for this work!

"Woah." is what I said out loud when I saw this.  What a good idea and excellent execution.

Wow. What a great tilesets. I especially love the sunflowers. So cool. <3

Thank you!  I'm glad you like it! :)