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Could we get an outdoor Fantasy version market please!?

Ok, added to the request list!

Absolutely perfect addition to fantasy shops (and houses!) I was wondering though, since I'm working slowly on continuing to swap out other graphics for your stuff: would you consider making two more fantasy-type shops? A weaponsmith (preferably with a forge and a decent array of weapons, including things like war-hammers, halberds, glaives, bladed fans, et cetera) and an armor/clothing store?

Yes, absolutely.  Originally I had intended all of that to be part of this set, but it just got too large.  I have a big list of weapons, clothes, magic items etc that I want to make for the next release.  I'll add the note about the forge, I think that's the only thing I was missing.

If you think of anything else, let me know. 

Oh, nice~! I can completely understand why you held off on everything else, when the package would have ended up being far too big. I can't wait to see how your smith and armory turn out! I think a forge is the only real thing that would be missing from the blacksmith/weaponsmith shop, honestly. Hmm... store-wise, the only other one I think you're missing (and would end up covering the main shops in most RPGs) would be a general item shop. :) 

Ok, thanks!  Planning to get to work on this one soon!

You're welcome and that sounds great! ^.^ Your work is always outstanding

Thank you so much for this tileset! Are there any plans for a restaurant equivalent I could also throw money at? :)

Yes, we've had several requests for expanded restaurants and it's on the to-do list.  Is there anything specific you need?

I'm looking for prepared meals (dishes that could be baked over a firepit, basic homecooked meals, nicer restaurant meals), and anything else that could be used as part of a cooking system. I have the rest of your tilesets for creating cooking/dining areas and am loving playing with them. Looking forward to collecting your future packs, too!


OK, added this to my notes!  Thanks!

Yeah, I have been waiting for shop-related tilesets for long time!

I will buy this one!