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Hello, I was just about to purchase the "KR Elemental Dungeon Tileset MV Bundle" on Steam because it had an extra bundle discount price and didn't see something like it on your own site. However, as with many others have already said, there won't be any sample maps included which would be handy. My question is would it be possible for you to create a "new" page specifically for those who wish to purchase all 3 parts of the dungeon set at once, or even just message me a custom offer?

Otherwise, I'd likely buy it on Steam then ask if it'd be possible for you to send me the sample files through here after I screenshot proof of Steam purchase.

We have a bundle page here for Elemental Dungeon, is this okay?  We also have all sample maps listed here, so it doesn't matter where you buy, you can always get access to them.  :)

"Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)"

any intentions to add them to the steam tilesets and/or making them available for ppl who haven't bought on youre website?

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I use RPG Maker VX Ace and I have been using some of your tilesets. (I fully intend on buying and using more as finances permit every payday! :D) I was thinking though: I adore everything that you have and ended up coming up with a couple of ideas! Not sure if it would fit with your "Legendary Palaces" series, but something related to spiders/Driders in a dark fantasy style like the Legendary Palaces would be very neat! So would a true Ghost Town tileset (abandoned, ruined, somber/eerie fantasy town); not sure if either would be something you'd be interested in making eventually, but it never hurts to ask!

Glad to hear that the tilesets are working well for you!  I'm adding your requests to the request list.  :)

They are- and I have to say they are gorgeous! And thank you~! ^.^ Whatever you do with those requests will end up being amazing~

Recently bought these on steam along with 2 other temple sets, but the rmmz/rmmv sample data was not available, is it possible to receive those if I show proof of purchase?

Hello size of tile?  32x32 block?


32x32 is included.  If for some reason you don't get the 32px tiles, let us know and we'll fix the listing!

when is your next discount?

Not sure just yet, I imagine there will be a Spring Sale or something similar very soon though.  If you're interested in Elemental Dungeon specifically, we have a bundle deal on our website.


Bought this on your website, and MAN these look great! Used them in MZ3D and they are fantastic!

That dragon head is super terrifying in 3D, which I love. 

Wow, that 3d effect is super cool!  Thanks for sharing, I'll have to look into that myself!

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It has a steep learning curve, but it's super worth it and thankfully they have a discord that I'm in if you need any help figuring it out. (I'm DecayingDev)

It does cost a pretty penny, but you can use the demo version of MV3D for the MV engine if you want to give it a try before buying it in MV or MZ.

The tile sets for the fire, water, and wind maps do not work. They cant be unzipped properly. You'll have to download the MV versions, and manually resize them for them to function

Fixed!  Thanks for letting us know.