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Hey there!

Any dedicated medieval/fantasy farms planned? I am curious, since those would be neat. Have bought quite a few of your packs, almost trough the fantasy stuff i want, but i haven't seen a dedicated farm with a medieval vibe. If i am missing something can you point me in the right direction? =P

Everyone always overlooks the most common things... xD

Have a good One


Yeah, we haven't tackled this one just yet, pretty sure it's on our to-do list already though.  Thanks for the support!

Hello there!

Good to know its not a new one :D

Will be happy to buy it whenever you guys make it. Though i assume that will be a while... xD Well doesn't matter as i am quite a way from actually starting beyond learning.

You deserve the support.  Your packs are amazing for rpg maker games and i look forward to actually learn how to map correctly with them myself now. =P

Have started trying with the dark academia pack already (and bought at least 50 others) and i have to say its really cool. Mix and matching things will be fun too once i get the hang of things.

Sorry i went on a tangent there. What i want to say is, your packs are amazing and you do deserve support. I will certainly complete the current "collection".

Wish you guys a good day and a very successfull time.

Have a good one :D

Bought it, and you are amazing, don't know if someone requested it, but is there a request for a news media agency with a live TV or anchor room? and also a fire station with a fire engine and animated flames for it with animated fire hose?


We have the fire station on the list, but not the news agency, that's a good one.  Added it!

How much time does it take to create a tileset like this? Looks like a lot of work.

A very nice tileset. BTW the Holy Saints Cathedral tileset is delisted on Do you know when it's coming back?


Thanks for letting me know about this.  Not sure what happened, but it's online now.

Beautiful pack. Very cozy vibe to it.

Thank you!