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Is Ancient Greek by any chance on its way soon? I'm repurposing assets from your other packs to match it as well as I can, but it would be so great to have everything in white/whitish :)

Don't have an exact timeframe on it but yes we definitely want to tackle this one soon.

would it be possible to get an update sometime for the front and back view of the Canoe so we could use it in game ? 😁

It definitely would!  Check the new download, there are some animations now that might help.  :)

Sweet ! Thank you

To anybody picking this one, I recomend taking the "KR Trees and Foliage Super Pack for RPGs" too to have a more trees to play with. The tiles DONT lack greenery at all, But if you are like me and love having more variety than you can  use, you will need it xD

Also, Im loving the statues and colums like hell over here.  

Comes with new plants, a town, and a dungeon 8-) very happy.

I... I totally got confused with Inca and Aztecs xD thats why I asked for a Inca sun disck, I feel so embarassed xDDD In any case... *adds to wishlist*


I didn't even notice, haha.  I was curious and checked...the designs of the two are pretty similar anyway.  :)  Hope it works for you!

Thank you!!!

Crazy that I just asked about it as you were releasing it.  Will be picking up this weekend!

Awesome, hope you enjoy it!  :)